Hey welcome back  we are again in a little battle between five of the best vpn services and this time it’s ipvanish who’s facing the challenge hey guys it’s mike from cybernews.com and it is time to do an updated ipvanish review 2022 style to flesh out every pro and conwell.

Comparison Other VPNs

I’m gonna put it against four other providers surf shark nordvpn atlas vpn and purevpn so will ipvanish win or will it vanish and we are not off to a good start even despite the pun ip vanish has set its roots deep in the usa operating within its jurisdiction oh yeah baby the us isa five eyes alliance country.

If you didn’t already know, it is not exactly a safe zone for your data or privacy atlas vpn also operates within the US so why are these two still among the best vpn providers? The answer is actually a solid no logs policy one that’s been audited in fact.

So yeah security is watertight even ipvanish logs only standard stuff like your email address and payment method. That’s it still the competition is pretty tough considering surf shark and nordvpn come in with ram only servers and a couple of audits.

Security boost

which gives them quite a security boost and a pretty big advantage in this ipvanish versus surf shark and north comparison but when taking a look at encryption it all starts to equal out ipvanish has the wireguard tunneling protocol just like the competition and this bad baby comes with the next-gen cha-cha 20 encryption in addition to enhanced security wire guard also boost the performance.

So what does that mean for the ipvanish speed test results welli gotta say before they implemented the wire guard protocol I saw consistent complaints about vanished performance but how the tables have turned now they’re actually among the fastest in the market alright.

so i’ve set up a couple of speed tests one in the us andone in germany so here’s my actual test data my download speeds were blazingfast while the upload speed wasn’t anything spectacular at least it managed to kick some ass in this nordvpn vs ipvanish comparison.

Average speed of VPNs

Now I played around with some data from my test and calculated the average speed retention percentage and to be fair the differences aren’t that significant whether it’s 80 or 90 you’re not really going to be able to tell the difference.

when you’re browsing still to be all fair and square ipvanish speed results earn a solid win in the download area even if atlas takes the cake when it comes to upload performance now if test results and security practices are enough for you to decide which vpn you want well then jump right into the description and find yourself.

some of the great deals that are downthereit’s definitely going to help you save a few bucks just saying but there are more questions to be answered so maybe let’s look at some features first and checkout those deals later just saying alright.

First things first in my humble opinion one of the most significant measures of a vpn is the available server fleet and my ipvanish review revealed some nice numbers around 2000servers about 50 countries.

solid amount of options just in case you want more though surf shark has around 3 000and for even more nord goes over the5000 mark and if that’s not enough for well.

Atlas vpn vs pure VPN

I don’t really know what you’re gonna do with that many servers but purevpn adds another thousand on top of that. Yes by the numbers ipvanish onlysurpasses atlas vpn but it still has a solid amount of servers enough for browsing torrenting and streaming.

so it really is just gonna depend on what you’re using your vpn for okay now an area where i feel you really get the best value for your money are the convenience and the more noteworthy features.

So is ipvanish a good VPN that offers an abundance on all devices. Well, let’s see in this honest ipvanish review for starters ipvanish offers unlimited simultaneous connections which makes this process way more convenient.

Out of all applications the ipvanish windowsapp was my favorite. It’s highly customizable. There’s a server list and map view.

but that’s all just on the outside it’s the same thing on mac os as well the only real tangible difference between the two apps is the kill switch now you may be asking what is the killswitch well in ipvanish it’s actually more than your average tool that just shuts down the internet.

Automatic VPN connection IPVANISH

when your vpn connection drops oh no here it’s a highly customizable feature where i was also able to set up local area network blocks very handy.

it’s also possible to block lan access by shutting the device off from the local network devices which again is great for your privacy and speaking of customization there’s one more thing that i came to appreciate during my ipvanish review and that is their on on-demand feature.

I can set up an automatic VPN connection inpre-determined cases like when I’m visiting specific websites or connecting to wi-fi in a cafe. I don’t even have to think about my data safety that way. It’s a nice little bonus there.

now if you have the ipvanish 2022 android version you’ve got split tunneling traffic obfuscation is also in place which is handy for users in restrictive regimes now if you want to mask the fact that you’re even using a vpn.

Ipvanish  is good VPN

That’s the way to go but it still doesn’t work in china and even though they have guides on how to bypass this issue using manual setup doesn’t always seem to work and as for the extra stuff.

there isn’t actually that much there’s the encrypted storage feature sugarsync but it hides behind an additional paywall. I hate it when that happens. A paywall plus ipvanish is one of the few vpns that doesn’t have an adblocker.

I mean seriously can we catch up with the trend where guys are so ipvanish  good when compared to other providers what’s missing? Well it mainly comes down to ipvanish versus surf shark and nordvpn vs ipvanish.