Bitdefender Free Vs Premium Antivirus 2022

Bitdefender free vs Premium Antivirus 2022

you deserve an honest updated, easy to understand bitdefender review and guess what I’m here to give it to you lookYouTube is full of noise.

 so I took the time to dive in and really understand the difference between bitdefender premium or free is there a Bit Defender free antivirus oh yes the once discontinued freeversion is back is bitdefender now the best free antivirus on the market maybe my bitdefender premium versus free review is about to find out.

Now when I dug into how bitdefender free versus premium compared with each other my first concern was how the security and the features stacked up security is the top priority so how safe is bitdefender as a product independent testing and security awards show that.

Bitdefender uses the same malware databases to detect security threats on both the free and paid versions so any bitdefenderEdition you choose will have the same high quality Baseline for malware removal. Nice very very nice furthermore bitdefender security is airtight.

Real antivirus malware tests

It’s won the AV comparatives product of the Year award several times for blocking a hundred percent of malware and viruses yeah you can’t beata hundred percent can you 110 no now as always this leads me on to my own testing here if you like real antivirus malware tests I always include them so make sure you never miss a video and validate us with just those two clicks you know they like And subscribe buttons yep right down there come on do it.

alright back to it I planted 10malicious files onto my PC and I wanted to try this test with both the premiumand the free versions to see if there’s any difference in duration. First up, both capture rates were excellent. 9 out of 10 malicious files were detected.

thisdidn’t really surprise me seeing as they’re using the same database so the next area where I thought there might bea huge difference was duration honestly there wasn’t much difference.

Free Plan

here the free plan taking Under 12 minutes andthe premium around 15 for a full system scan so in terms of detection both are good in my books but capabilities are where they start to differ bitdefender has quite a few tools that bolster its security and my bitdefender free versus premium review will show you.

 What features come at each price tier also all paid plans will be more affordable with the Cyber News exclusive discounts which are in the description below just waiting for you so yeah we’ve got those for you check those out at the end look.

 I’ve just got to quickly say this is not my first Bit Defender Rodeo I’ve tested used and researched bitdefender thoroughly before so hopefully that makes me a bit of an honest and objective judge here now they offer five Plans free antivirus plus Internet Security Total Security and a family plan.

Bitdefender Total Security

So which plan might be right for you now bitdefender Total Security feels like the best place to kick this off because it’s where I felt the most impressed by bitdefender and its more awesome features bitdefender TotalSecurity is the most expensive at around35 for the first year but it’s also the most comprehensive option because of its multitude of features the network threat prevention ransomware protection VPN and secure file Shredder are all Rock Solid Features that you get with the antivirusPlus Package .

However Total Security Includes all those features and takes itup a level by offering a privacy firewall, parental controls, webcam and microphone protections and even anti-theft tools that is quite a package yeah yeah.

so looks like bitdefender TotalSecurity versus antivirus plus is gonna be a tight race but given the price the difference is only around 13 at the moment so feels like the total security plan more than justifies the extra cost but what do you think I mean it really depends on the capabilities you need solet us know.

Bitdefender Antivirus

what your ideal antivirus would cover in the comments below and moving on bitdefender total security features a lot of tough defenses against the most common cyber security threats for example the microphone and webcam protection feature is increasingly important because in this day and age like many of you.

I’m now doing more remote work and having to rely on all mydevices a lot more. Total Security Notifies me when a new app tries to access my camera or mic. I only need a few apps with that access so if the webcam filter is key this is just one of the advanced features.

I really liked TotalSecurity and given the ever-growing threat of cyber crime, investing in a cyber security bundle like bitdefenderTotal Security is more important than ever makes sense however if you can’t afford to invest you shouldn’t be left without anything.

 So in that case my bitdefender free review would stillrecommend bitdefender but as more of astrip back more simplified form of protection and for z e r o cos yeah zero you get an anti-malware Suite including anti-phishing and anti-fraud.

Security protections

which is perfect for anyone shopping online AKAeveryone it includes real-time data protection and web attack prevention as well it’s a contender for the best free antivirus but be warned bitdefender free does not include security protections like a password manager a VPN or network threat protection.

so it’s not really a long-term solution in my opinion but one thing I really liked about the bitdefender free plan is that it looks and feels like the premium plans you’ll just see the premium features locked on your bitdefender free account bitdefender free is also incredibly easy and intuitive to use and for literally any user beginner or expert okay.

now what about apps bitdefender works withWindows Mac OS Android and iOS but they do not work as equally well as I would have hoped in my experience bitdefender is not as impressive on its iOS version it detects fraudulent websites but theVPN is capped at 200 megabytes a day soyou are really limited here.

I will say bitdefender free for Windows works really well. It felt and ran like a paid antivirus. The malware scanning capabilities are the same with bitdefender free and paid plans for testing it’s one of the best free antiviruses for Windows.

Bitdefender Android and Windows.

I mean look at that navigation, everything is neatly categorized and arguably similar to some competitors’ paid plan but remember iOS, Android and Windows.

All have very different Bit Defender quality standards you know in my opinion at least so bitdefender may take the cake as one of the best antivirus for Windows11 but it won’t be the case on every device well okay we’ve covered a lot.

 solet’s jump into my final words overall this bitdefender review highly recommends this antivirus your devices will have a fortress of security around them with the paid or free plans although the premium ones are going to give you a lot more versatility and long-term usability okay sure the price and features vary with each.

Bit Plan but I feel like everyone could find bitdefender useful in their own way especially with their streamlined setup but hey it’s your call if you’re considering a free option please use a reputable provider at least like say the defenders what antivirus or security feature do you rely on the most what’s your experience been like with bitdefender if you’ve ever used it let us know in the comments below okay that’s all for nowI’ll see you all in the next one.