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Hey there the best website builder for beginners is oh look there’s no thing as a perfect website builder for every user like there is no one car for everyone to find the best website builder.

Find Good website builder

I’ll have to ask you a few questions don’t worry I’m Not with the feds or am I nah. Let’s first take a look at what can be considered a good website builder to be the best website builder for small businesses.

you first need to meet the basic standards to be a good webBuilder first an SSL is absolutely necessary for any website in 2022 in fact a good security pancake is the most important thing for any site all of today’s providers will be saved to appoint they will install SSL certificates automatically and have backups and of course DDOS protection.

I know that security might not feel like a priority when starting a website but you don’t want to end up like these WordPressusers that got their websites compromised just because of Forgotten Updates.

And there are countless horror stories like this what I’m trying to say always make sure your site is getting the right treatment or just use reputable providers that are backed by thorough research like in this video next thing on how to build a websiteeCommerce options at least the basic process of adding and managing your products are an absolute must selling something.

Hosting Provider Website Builder

nowadays is not difficult than having the option to do that is extremely important you might think well I’m not selling any products but that’s a bit of a old school thinking you know you can always sell subscriptions your digital art tutorials or basically anything that other people will pay money for.

so let’s start asking questions where were you on the night of the 14th oh sorry bad habits the first thing on how to build a website in 2022 how much can you spend on it realistically website Builders area service that you subscribe to monthly meaning you pay for your future hostingtime.

That’s why it’s very important to think about your maximum budget before you start crafting your designs and creating your online presence. Do you want to build a website for as little money as possible?

zyro website builder

If you’re not sure about its success and you’re not planning to expand and want to spend up to ten dollars a month for everything then the one and only Builder I can recommend is zyro website builder thisBuilder offers you premium features for as little as three dollars a month currently.

you might think that this plan for so little will be restrictive as hell but it comes with unmetered storage space as well as bandwidth and basic selling features is xyro worth it yeah at these prices.

It’s a steal, why not go for the free plan honestly after trying so many free plans none of them are any good unless you have a lot of time to waste these free options work for sure.

but if you’re at least one percent serious about your project you’re better paying at least a few bucks straight away and not worrying about ads all over the place or your content just being deleted if you can spend just a few dollars.

WIX Website Builder & Hosting Provider

Let’s say more than 30 dollars a month and you’re looking for a more business e-commerce oriented option then give Wix a shot if you have ever seen any Wix Tutorial.

you know it’s an extensiveBuilder just that it’s nearly three times more expensive than zyro and that value really shines in the tools and features you get Wix has you covered in nearly every aspect you can think of SEOtools email marketing features and social ads.

I mean I’m failing to even think about what’s missing and while we’re still on the money thing I wanted to remind you that I leave the best discount links in the description down below.

So at any point in this video just go below and use them to get the best deals for the best website builder just like not every car is built for the racetrack every Builder is made for a different type of web project.

What are you building or more precisely the complexity of a builder do you need because you can have a very simple online store or a very complex blog if you want to build a simple website blog portfolio business landing page.

your best bet would be site123 to answer the question is site123 good yeah as the name suggests it’s an extremely straightforward Builder that always has some tips for building a website.

Themes And Plugins

let me show you what this means once you startup you don’t get to select a theme and there is no drag and drop controls using this provider I was able to jump right into the editing phase and easily altermy content just here I can edit colours fonts and even add new premade sections to my design. 

If you have time to spare and know exactly what you want or maybe you’re just not afraid to experiment then Wix might be the best option don’t get me wrong though it’s not that which is difficult to use or anything like that but for simpler projects the number of tools you get here can feel overwhelming.

I mean just look at all of this, where do you even start and that is what ultimately boils down to how much time can you spend building your site, not creating content, and not expanding your business.

but just for building for the fastest process go with side one two three zero is the second runner-up within easy to use editor and lots of themes Wix is extensive and for some projects maybe even too extensive.


so now that we know how much time and money you can spend on building your web project now let’s look at the must-have tools and features you should look for I mentioned in my zyro review 2022 that it will give you all the basic things you need like customising page SEO on ahref or creating simple blog posts.