How To Fix Login Problem into WordPress 2022

Hey hi im sid,In this video tutorial you’ll learn how to easily find the wordpress login url and how to log into wordpress.

Follow These Steps : WordPress

  1. That’s one of the most common wordpress questions that we get asked.
  2. In this video I’m going to show you how to find your wordpress login url. I’ll also show you different ways to log into your wordpress admin area so right here ihave my website open now to log in to the backend or the dashboard of my website.
  3. all i have to do is go to the website url and then type forward slash admin here and this will redirect you to the wordpress login page if this doesn’t work then type forward slash login instead and if even that doesn’t work t.
  4. When you can try by typing pc login now, if you also have a subdirectory on your site then your url will look like this: it’s the name of the subdirectory followed by the main directory in the url and then just type forward slash admin.

How to Setup Your  WordPress Themes?

Hey dudes, here in this video I will show you how to install and configure wordpress free responsive themes .

today more and more people are surfing the internet using mobile devices and it has become very important that your website displays well on both desktop and mobile devices. There are a number of good quality responsive wordpress themes, one of them is customizer.

Wordpess Theme Editor

How To Fix Login Problem into WordPress 2022

Here is how to set it up from your dashboard go to appearance and select themes click on add new type the keyword responsive in the search box locate the theme called customizer click install now.

And then activate click on visit site to preview the theme from the top toolbar click on customize it to start the configuration process click on wordpress and select the skin you like from choose a predefined skin dropdown menu click on logo and favicon and upload your logo in 250 x 100 pixel size expand site title and tagline.

And fill in the two fields, click on the front page from the front page and the drop-down menu select your latest posts, a static page or the default page as your homepage.

under homefeatured page one two and three choose the pages you want to be displayed on the front page under navigation select the default menu from main menu drop-down list click on manage menus anew tab will open with options to set up your menu.

And check the pages you would like to include in the menu reorder them to your liking and when done click Save Menu Get back to customize a page and click Save and publish to save the configuration preview your site to see the changes you’ve just made your website is ready to be viewed on desktops tablets as well as smartphones.

UPDATE Plugins Time To Time ?

Now also whenever you log into the dashboard make sure to click on the remember me button by doing this wordpress will remember your login credentials for the next 14 days. If you want your login credentials to be remembered for a longer period of time then you can install a plugin for it.

And I’m going to show you how to do that. Now go to plugins then click on add new in the search bar type remember me and press enter this is the plugin that you can install.

Custom Menu Items

  • Now I’ll also show you how to add the login option on your menu, go to appearance then click on menu and here we’ll add a custom menu item in the link type in the url of your site and then type forward slash adminin the link text type login here.
  • then click on add to menu as you can see the menu item was added now click here to save the menu and let’s open the website to see items you can see the login button was added here if you want to know how to add buttons in wordpress menu items like you see here we have a video explaining.
  • So How can you do that too? I’ll link it in the description in this below  you can  find easily and also click on the i icon on the top right corner on  your screen to view the video.

Now finally I’m going to show you how to add the login button on your wordpress sidebar back to the dashboard.


  • go to appearance then click on widget then click here to add a new block in sidebar and in the search bar type login clickon the loginlog out item then click on updatenow let’s go back to the site.
  • i’m just going to reload this page and as you can see the login splash logout button was added to the sidebar this is how you can find the wordpress login url that’s it for today’s video. If you have any questions or comments please leave them in the comment section below.
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