How to Offline Password to reset the password of any local user account 2022

Hi,if you forgot local administrator password and cannot login to your laptop or computer,or you cannot install program on a user account beca.

Step 1

It requires an administrative password,you can use Offline NT Password to reset the password of any local user account on Windows.Let’s start by downloading Offline NT Password.

Open web browser to click on ‘Bootdisk’.Next, scroll down to Download section.There are two versions which you can choose to download.In this video. 

I will download the CD version and will use the image file to create a bootable USB Flash Drive.You can see detailed instructions on how to create a bootable USB Flash Driveby follow the link in the video description.

How to change a user's password on Windows Server 2012 R2?

Next, boot the computer that you want to reset account passwordwith the bootable CD or USB that you’ve just created.If you see this screen, then you have boot right into the tool correctly.Otherwise, you may have to configure boot order in BIOS to boot from the CD or USB.On this screen, press ‘Enter’ to continue.

Step 2 : scanned your system

At step one, you have to select disk partition where the Windows installation is.The tool has scanned your system.And already selected the first option as default value which is displayed in the bracket [ ].In this example, the tool has found that I have Windows on device ‘sda2’.And already selected it as a default value.

So I can proceed to next step by just press ‘Enter’.Next, step two, you have to select which part of registry to load.Press ‘Enter’ to accept the default value [1] which is password reset.Step three, select password or registry edit.Press ‘Enter’ to accept the first option which is to edit user data and passwords.

The program will display all user accounts on Windows system.You can select by type user number, or RID of the user account that you want.In this example, the default value is ‘3ea’ which username is linglom.It’s the user account that I want to reset password so I can press ‘Enter’ to continue.

Then, type ‘1’ and press ‘Enter’ to clear password on this user account.You should see the message ‘Password cleared’.Next, you need to save this changes back to your Windows system.Press ‘Enter’ to accept the option ‘q’ which is to quit editing user.

Step 3 : sign-in the user account

Next, type ‘q’ and press ‘Enter’.Then, you will enter step four, writing back changes.Type ‘y’ and press ‘Enter’.You should see the message ‘EDIT COMPLETE’, then press ‘Enter’ to continue.You can remove the CD or USB and reboot your computer.

Now you can sign-in the user account without typing any password because it is empty by the tool.You can choose to setup a password for this user account by follow these steps.On Windows 8.1, right-click on Windows icon at bottom left of the screen and select ‘Computer Management‘.And expand ‘Local Users and Groups Select ‘Users’.

Next, right-click on the user account and click ‘Set Password’.On this window, click ‘Proceed’.Type the new password and click ‘OK’.The new password is set.Next time you want to sign in, you have to enter the password.

And that’s it for this video.I hope you can recover your accounts without needing to reinstall Windows.If you have any question or suggestion, please post below.Thank you for watching. Goodbye.

But remember the warning,we now lost access to any data that user encrypted under the user account with the old password,and that data is not going to be recoverable unless we have unencrypted it and made sure it’s available.

Step 4 : Windows Admin Center

So that was way number one.And I mentioned we would use a brand new or newer tool to do this as well.Let me minimize this.We’re going to go to the Windows Admin Center.I’ve already installed the program.

It is web-based, so I’m about to use a web browser to open up and access it, and you have to configure it,and you have to obviously add in the Windows server or servers that you want to manage.So let me click the shortcut link I have there to bring it up.We’re not going to go over how to install the Windows Admin Center.

You can download the software; it’s free from Microsoft.You can add in whatever servers you want to manage them,managing the local server that we’re running this from right now,and you’ll see that server is right there.

I’m simply going to click on the link,and I’m going to be able to bring it up so we can administer it.And when I do that, it takes just a moment to connect in.

Step 5 :Computer Management Area

We have all sorts of services and tools that are available here.It’s going to look pretty similar to the Server Manager,except it’s got an updated look and feel for a web interface.And I’m going to scroll down here,and I’m looking for the same exact tool we just used in the Computer Management area,the local users and groups.And sure enough, I see it right there,but it’s a standalone tool.

It’s now on its own, separate from Computer Management.That’s fine.I’m going to click on that.It’ll take just a second to load up.It’s querying the server to bring up the list of all the users.There is our list of all the users.

Notice, they are the same as the ones we were just seeing there as the Adam2 user.I can set or reset by changing the password for any of these users if I choose to.Let me highlight that.I can manage them, add new users to a variety of things,but if I click on the ellipsis right over here to the right of delete users,I can change that password right from here.

Let’s change that user’s password again.We’re going to see here that we do get the same prompt,the same warning about resetting the user’s password and losing access to that information,so good to know that’s going to be consistent.

Step 6 : Password updated and changed successfully.

We’re invited to make that change right here.So actually, a few less screens because we don’t have to click through the warning,then reset the password.

we could just do it all from one screen.It’s a little bit easier.We’ll go ahead, and we’ll set this up.And let me do this.And let’s go in.Do that.And whoops, they don’t match.One second, let me try that again.Okay, there we go now, they match.

So, we’re told immediately if we make a mistake typing.We’re going to click submit,and you can see right up there,password has been updated and changed successfully.And that’s all there is to it using the Windows Admin Center.

So both tools are relatively straightforward,relatively easy,it’s just a matter of your preference on how to do this,but remember no matter what version of the tool you decide to use, it works the same way across all three versions of the Operating System.

What could be simpler than that?I’ll be back with ongoing conversations and new episodes about how to optimize your Windows Server admin experience,but until I come back with another exciting, fun-filled, fact-filled, tool-filled episode,I’m gonna wish you happy windowing, and I’ll see you soon.

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