How to Install Aptoide TV on Amazon Firestick 2022

hi everyone welcome to the Mad Men tourin today’s video I’ll show you how to install aptoide for the Amazon fire stick gives you access to thousands of free apps

  • so we’ll get started so first of all scroll all the way to the right hand click on settings go down scroll to the right and click on device go down and click on developer options.
  • we’re now going to turn on ADB debugging and apps from unknown sources click yet you can now click the home button to take us back to the main menu scroll to the left and we’re going to click on search to go down.

we’re now going to search for download so type it out in full you can then go down and click on download.

you click on the downloader app you should just say download as you can see mine says I own it that’s becauseI’ve downloaded it before.

How to Download in TV ?

  • so click download now at this point if you’ve got your Amazon one-click settings already set up with an address you can just follow along if you haven’t you’re gonna need to do it now. 
  • So grab your laptop, login to your Amazon account associated with a fire stick, go to one click settings, save an address and a phone number and you can download so you can pause the video and follow along next.
  • we’re going to click open just wait for the notification to disappear on the bottom right we can then close the message.
  • which is pretty much telling us that if you have any problems email app at aft and now get back at yaso click OKclick ok again and you should see the keyboard we now need to type the following I PToh I dot-com forward-slash and asst I al al e ahyou-Ipeytieoh I deyou-TV.

How to Install it ?

  1. we can then go down and click on gowe wait for the JavaScript message to pop off and click ok as you can see we’re now in the aptoide installer page so it comes pre-installed with a mouse.
  2. so we can navigate around as you can see it’s little red circles on scroll all the way down like May and we need to click on install’ aptoide TV.
  3. It’s then gonna download and you should see this page.
  4. so why sure here click down click down again until you can see the cursors on the button by cancel and then go to the right and click on install it should take around 20 seconds to install while we’re waiting if you like what you see.

so far go ahead and click unsubscribe click the notifications icon and you’ll get an alert every time I Upload new videos and there you go that’s now finished click down and click down again until you reach the button go to the right and click on open just be patient when you’re opening it for the first time.

Aptoide installation Process ?

Aptoide TV works like Google Play and the best part is that this variant is streamlined for streaming gadgets that run Android OS like the Amazon Firestick, Fire TV, and Android TV Boxes.

Note: Aptoide TV has as of late been refreshed, which incorporates the accompanying changes and enhancements:

  1. Faster route with new menu
  2. New card plan
  3. Simple admittance to accessible updates and introduced applications
  4. Minor bug fixes
  5. One of the issues with introducing android applications onto the Fire TV or Firestick is that they don’t function admirably with the remote.
  6. That isn’t true with this streamlined variant of Aptoide TV since it has been explicitly made for our streaming gadgets, for example, the Amazon Fire TV or FireStick.

In the event that you decide to introduce Google Play on Firestick, you will be expected to root your gadget and go through a lot of steps to finish the cycle.

This is a simpler technique and the best part is that a large portion of the applications that are accessible in Google Play are likewise accessible on Aptoide TV.

when you open it again in the future it’ll open much quicker and there you go it’s all finished andyou’ve now got aptoide installed so take a look around you should literally find everything you’re looking for and more.

it’s got all the popular apps like YouTube mobbed rotor area so have a nose and enjoy and if you want to download an app just simply click on it and clickinstallso thanks for watching please smash like if I helped you out check out all my other videos and I’ll see you next time

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