Hey,guys  if you’re searching for the best antivirus for Mac You’re in the right place.

The best antivirus Mac 2022

  1. The best antivirus Mac 2022 picks will keep your Mac protected during this day and age where cyber attacks are more frequent than ever.
  2. But it’s more important to choose one with all the capabilities you actually need.Hey, I’m Mike and before we continue,I wanna share the most affordable options on the antivirus for macOS market.
  3. All you need to do is check out the Cybernews Exclusive discounts in the description below.But maybe wait ’til I’m Done with the video.
  4. All right, now let’s kickoff this Mac antivirus review with a hall of famer, Norton 360.Yeah, you may already recognize this one because it is a renowned antivirus that’s been around for decades,even though it’s better known on PC,Norton for macOS is powerful as well.It’s able to detect sophisticated malware on your Mac Because it uses an extensive malware database.

Norton 360

  1. Norton 360 is proactive about Mac malware removal.By using machine learning tools to quarantine suspected virus threats.Norton’s data breach settings will also notify you if your data has been leaked thanks to Norton’s advanced dark web monitoring which definitely helps keep your data more secure.
  2. Now, when I ran my own tests on Norton,oh, we detected nine out of 10 malicious files that I planted on my device and it only took five minutes to scan.That’s just about as good as you can get for protection.
  3. It’s great, but I do have to say that newer users might struggle to find things.I know in my previous testingI couldn’t find the quarantine section even after watching tutorials, for some reason.It’s not really a major issue but something to take note of.Now sadly, you can’t getNorton’s top antivirus for Mac for free.
  4. But Norton plans currently start just under $20 a year and can go up to around 50.Now each price point up the ladder you go add more features that you get access to, so there’s that.I think Norton 360 at justunder $40 a year is a fair price considering how substantial all the features are,such as the dark web monitoring,a firewall, SafeCam and real-time protection.
  5. Norton is a clear frontrunner for a macOS antivirus and I consider it to be one of the best overall premium antivirus protections for Mac.Now, Intego antivirus for Macis another favorite of mine.It’s also got a long-standing presence in the antiviral world and it’s not hard to see why.
  6. The security features include a virus barrier that scans and protects your files in real-time against malware.When I was using IntegoI didn’t even have to worry about lingering viruses.
  7. The virus barrier also lets me scan my iOS device when I connect my Mac via Bluetooth.Little workaround for the lack of an iOS application. Now, there’s this Washing Machine feature,yeah, and that’s really its name.

System optimizer

Then it performs a system optimizer that cleans your devices.You can review and delete all cache files and downloads and I love that I could double check what I was deleting,’cause well, I hate the thought of losing anything precious.Intego also has a solid personal backup for files and a custom firewall.

So my stuff was safe and I wasn’t harassed by any of those annoying pop-ups.It’s clear Intego was designed specifically for macOS users.The design is great and I honestly like it,but the performance, not that hot. Out of the 10 files that I planted it found only six while taking about four minutes to scan.

Yeah, maybe it should’ve spent more time thit does offer a seven day free trial.Prices for their plans vary based on how many devices youan that.Six out of 10, not something to boast about.Intego doesn’t have a free option but need covered and for how long.But they currently start as low as just under $30 a year for one device and then go up to about $90for five Macs to be covered for two years.

It really lets you scale up or down depending on your needs.So I guess my Intego Antivirus Mac review headline would be, “It’s the best customizable Mac protection.”The next Mac antivirus 2022 contenders Bitdefender for macOS.If you’re a Cybernews regular, well you already know that I am a big fan of this one.


However, retesting it out specifically for Macreally reminded me of its Mac virus removal powers. Bitdefender is comprehensive because it fights ransomware,spyware and other viruses.Basically it scans for all kinds of malware which is a huge advantage.

It’s called Advanced Threat Defense And it monitors all processes running on the device.It’s running on one of the world’s largest security delivery infrastructures too.When it recently detected a threat on my Mac It asked if I wanted to allow it or put it in quarantine,not to mention they also offer a VPN File Shredderand Anti-Tracker features, very nice.

Bitdefender is secure and has won the AV ComparativesProduct of the Year Award four times for this reason alone.My test pretty much confirmed their reputation too.

Bitdefender managed to find the security threats that I included, but it did take 19 minutes to run the scan.So thank goodness the result was impeccable.Good news though, Bitdefender Has a free plan with features,like Real-Time Protection And Web Attack Preventionand all for, yeah, $0.

Paid Plan

  • Paid plans currently start at just under $25 a year,while the 15 device family plan goes up to around $50 a year.All plans come with a 30 day trial period.So, what’s the takeaway here?Bitdefender is an affordable and crazy-secure choice.Now, if I had to bottle this all up,I would say Bitdefender is one of the top,all around antivirus for macOS choices for just about any type of user.
  • Now, MacKeeper is all about keeping Mac safe.I mean, it’s kind of already in the name.But it catches viruses,junk files and malware.However, be warned. It doesn’t cover ransomware protection.But you do get a great antivirus with a built-in VPN and Smart Uninstaller,so it’s definitely worth checking out.MacKeeper was able to clean my Mac,optimize its performance as well, which was awesome,because my Mac is a few years old.And even blocks all of the web ads for me.
  • Mac needs to update their apps a lot,so the Update Tracker Features a real time and life saver.
  • It makes sure no vulnerabilities are being exploited when your apps are updated. So it’s an ideal antivirus for MacBook Air Or MacBook Pro users who update their apps on the regular.