Which is the best VPN ? IPVanish Vs Express VPN


  1. Hey everyone Can you handle the truth Because the truth is finding out which VPN is better,IPVanish or ExpressVPN,well, it’s gonna come down to your specific needs.
  2. So today in this IPVanish vs ExpressVPN comparison,I’m gonna lay out all the facts and then let you decide which VPN fits you better.
  3. Okay, the primary point of aVPN is to protect your data,which raises a very important question,which is safer, ExpressVPN or IPVanish Well, ExpressVPN is notexactly the shining star.
  4. here,even with the RAM-only servers and a privacy friendly jurisdiction of the British Virgin Islands,last year their executivewas fined $335,000 for benefiting from cyber surveillance,and keeping in mind thatExpressVPN now belongs to Kape.Yeah, I’m not as comfortable using this app as I used to be,I’ll say that much.
  5. So knowing all that,you would think IPVanishwould have an easy win herein this ExpressVPN versusIPVanish comparison,yeah, they don’t have a clean slate either.
  6. See, some time ago they were involved in a privacy scandal for handing over some criminal data to the FBI.Since then they’ve been brought up by a different company and went through a third-party audit.
  7. So, I guess things are starting to look up.On top of that, I can also commend their encryption since they do use the Next-gen ChaCha20with the WireGuard tumbling protocol.

The best VPN 2022

Though I’d still love to see them implement RAM-only servers especially since most of the best VPN 2022 competitors already have them, come on, catch up.

So all things considered,in this IPVanish vs ExpressVPN comparison,security is a draw.Either VPN is spotless,so in the end deciding which one to trust is gonna be up to you.Okay, trust is important.

but it isn’t solely enough to make a VPN worth using, is it?For me, the VPN apps and features are what can actually make or break the VPN experience.So, what did I do for this ExpressVPN vs IPVanish VPN review 2022?

I’ve tried all the major apps, seriously, all of them,it’s actually kind of easy to do when you have multiple simultaneous connections,especially with IPVanish,since they don’t limit the number of devices.Meanwhile, ExpressVPN cuts people off at five devices,that’s fine I guess, a bit below the industry’s standard,and I gotta say.

considering their prices,I mean, come on, would it hurt to add one or two more connections?But there are some more noteworthy differences here.So, let’s do an IPVanish review first.I’ve been using it a little bit more often than Express,so I know my way around, but trust me.


  • Even if you’re a beginner,you’re not gonna get lost.There’s a map and a server list,so finding and connecting toa server is pretty dang easy.
  • Now, advanced users are gonna appreciate certain little features,for example, how you can customize the kill switch settings and set up local area network blocks.
  • you know, if you want to.I also enjoy peeping at the connection status from time to time,I mean, you wanna know where everything’s at, right.
  • Now, one quick little thing that I’ve gotta say which is important for you mobile users is that while the iOS app looks a little bit better than the Android version,it’s actually the Android app who reigns superior,mainly because of the split tunneling feature.I don’t need all of my apps on a VPN connection.
  • so it’s a lifesaver,though I would love to see it on other OSs as well.Now, I’d also like some browser extensions,sure, I don’t use them much since I want device-wide protection, but I know some of you guys prefer extensions, sadly, IPVanish won’t satisfy that desire, can ExpressVPN help you out there.
  • Well, they’ve got browser extensions for Chrome and Firefox,but I was only able to use them to control the app.So if I wanted to connect to one location on the device and another one on the browser,I needed an extension from a different VPN.
  • which kind of defeats the whole point of having an extension, doesn’t it? And speaking of the apps,I love that they’re nice and simple.Most of the interface is taken up by a single button and even my grandma wouldn’t miss it.

NordVPN or Surf Shark

but if I was doing a VPN comparison with NordVPN or Surf Shark,oh I’d definitely comment on the lack of features,no Double VPN or Onion Over VPN functionality for extra security,no IP rotator, no GPS spoofing,yada yada, yada, the list goes on,but, hey, let’s back it up a little, all right?It’s not like IPVanish has those things either.

so to figure out which is better in terms of functionality,I could always start nitpicking stuff,like it bothers me that Express doesn’t have a dark mode on every app, and oh,that bright interface just sticks out like a sore thumb.

IPVanish vs Express VPN

  1. It also doesn’t have a map like IPVanish does,but these things aren’t exactly deal killers,and the truth is even if Express doesn’t pack in many features,I still like other ones quite a bit,like their media streamer feature, which you guessed it, makes for easier streaming, ta-da,or the split tunneling functionality.
  2. I thought I was finally gonna get to use split tunneling on Mac,but it looks like it’s not available on Mac OS 10 or later.
  3. So those dreams crumbled into tiny little pieces,but on Windows it workswell, so that’s good.And yet still I can’t fully say that we should all get on the Express train,and that’s because of my ExpressVPN.
  4. functionality evaluation boiled down to some pretty strange performance results,disconnections, random speed drops,which I’ll talk about in a second.Now, since I didn’t have these issues with IPVanish.
  5. well, I happily went ahead and found some deals for you know how I do, they’re down in the description.
  6. All right, all that said,let’s talk about the performance issues in greater detail. I’ll explain exactly whyI can’t call ExpressVPN the best VPN 2022.All right, the first test for this IPVanish VPN vs ExpressVPN comparison was a simple regular browsing session.
  7. Now, with IPVanish, it was a smooth ride,my VPN connection dropped once but the kill switch kicked in right away,so no major complaints from me.
  8. Now, I expected the same thing from ExpressVPN too,yet here I started running into some issues.I had a few disconnections when using my desktop apps, but my iPhone ExpressVPN app completely choked up.