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ExpressVPN faster than IPVanish

  • I thought maybe my phone is at fault here,but then again I didn’t have these problems with IPVanish,and what’s more, some Reddit users seem to share in my troubles, so yeah, ExpressVPN, I’msorry, it’s not me, it’s you.
  • But here’s a little question for you,disregarding all the connection problems and considering the server difference,is ExpressVPN faster than IPVanish?Well, I’ll let my Express VPN speed test results speak for themselves.
  • I picked a random server in the US and ran a speed test while using their supposedly lightning fast lightweight protocol. And honestly, I expected a little more.Of course I did a few more tests in different locations,while the ExpressVPN servers in the UKshowed a little better results,the rest of my tests weren’t so successful.
  • I kept getting random speed drops.My IPVanish speed tests left me quite a bit more satisfied,no random speed drops and overall way more consistency with both uploads and download speeds.I mean, yeah, go figure,I mean, isn’t that what we expect from the WireGuard protocol.
  • All right, I think you can see where this is headed,in terms of performance,the ExpressVPN versus IPVanish competition has a clear winner,I simply got better results with IPVanish.All right, now it’s finally time for streaming and torrenting tests.Hey, good news for Netflix fans,my IPVanish Netflix unblocking endeavors were quite successful.

Optimized for P2P

  1. I actually managed to get through to 18 different libraries from the UK to places like Costa Rica.ExpressVPN Netflix capabilities didn’t let me down either,so both are great choices to get that sweet,geo-blocked content.But I do need to say when Iwas trying to open to Zoneand BBC iPlayer, I only got errors with IPVanish.
  2. During my ExpressVPN review,although not from the get-go,I still managed to unlock those platforms.All right, streaming’s covered,now my torrenting buddies also deserve some attention.With IPVanish, not all of their servers are optimized for P2P, but still enough that left me satisfied anyway,the speeds were stable,plus they’ve got a free SOCKS5 proxy,which makes the whole process a bit more secure.
  3. So, is ExpressVPN safe for torrenting?Also yes, all of their servers are P2P optimized,but remember what I said about it not being so stable,for me the speed constantly fluctuating between six and 15 megabytes a second.
  4. If torrenting is the only thing you need a VPN for,well, I’d recommend looking into other providers,not necessarily IPVanish,although it’s a good choice,just other VPNs like Surfshark or NordVPNwill also do the job and perhaps cost a bit less.
  5. Oh, and speaking of pricing,let’s talk about it.ExpressVPN is known for being notoriously expensive,and my IPVanish VPN vs ExpressVPN review only confirms that.
  6. If you like the company and want to support it,well, honestly paying around$7 a month is quite fair.But when I look at the standard industry prices,not exactly sold here.Most best VPN candidates have a price tag of around three to $4,IPVanish seems to follow this trend,but Express, yeah, they didn’t get the memo.Even a quarterly plan of IPVanishis cheaper than Express Best deal, oh boy.Now, I may not like the prices, but I have to say,deciding if you want to buy ExpressVPN or IPVanishstill entirely.
  7. your choice,maybe the high price tag doesn’t bother you,maybe you got a good accountant and you know how to write it off,and or maybe you just needExpress, that’s all good,but maybe you just want more consistent performance and then you’ll end up with IPVanish.

Windows Defender Test

  • But look, whichever one you pick,doesn’t matter, it’s up to you,just let me know if this video was helpful at all,leave a like and subscribe,or drop a comment below.And that’s it for today,hey, well, I’ll see you next time with even more VPN reviews.
  • Oh, and hey, if you’re just a passerby looking for a VPN,well, that box on the right is gonna satisfy all your needs.All right, till the next one.
  • – So in my recent Windows Defender test,it caught a whopping zero malicious files out of the 10 I planted.
  • So yeah, that’s why today,I’m gonna be covering three of my favorite best antivirus for Windows 11 picks,and I’m gonna do it in three minutes.By the way,you can check out the best antivirus picks for yourself.
  • I left some exclusive deals in the description,so, all right, we better get this review going.First up, malware detection rates.In the latest AV test on April, 2022,out of my three picks,only Norton got the perfect score in each category,but these tests were done to find the best antivirus for Windows 10.Since we’re here to find the best antivirus for windows 11 in 2022,well, I did my own testing.
  • I planted 10 malicious files,ran full scans,and here’s what I got.TotalAV caught the most files,nine out of 10,while Bitdefender for windows and Norton AntiViruseach caught eight.So if all of these antivirus picks can do the job well,is there anything that separates them?Well, each antivirus for Windows 11is different in terms of features and values.

Bitdefender’such a cheapest plan

For example, Bitdefender’such a cheapest plan is Windows only and currently goes for under $30 per year,while Mac users can get other plans.There’s still a bunch of Windows exclusive stuff thought like the file shredder feature,which makes deleted files impossible to recover,which is great if you’re giving away your device.

There’s also a bunch of privacy focused features like anti-spam or anti-tracker.And I even found a VPNduring my Bitdefender review,but yeah, it’s pretty limited and pretty slow.And you have to pay extra to get rid of that 200megabyte per day data limit.

Now, if you’re looking for the best free antivirus for Windows 11,Bitdefender is probably the most popular choice.I mean, the protection is basic,but it definitely performs better than Windows Security.

Norton for Windows 11

  • All right, what about Norton for Windows 11?Well, sadly there’s no free version,and the paid plans aren’t the cheapest,but boy, does Norton pack in the features,from stuff like their implementedAI that detects malware tools like Safe Web that can detect harmful links.
  • There’s even an isolation mode,and that helps remove threats,including those on risky websites.Overall, this provider is packed with premium features from a smart two way silent firewall to monitor traffic to an actually nicely done password manager and so many other things in between.Okay, so last but not least,TotalAV for Windows 11.
  • It has great third party testing scores,very few false positives,their cheapest plan isn’t lacking either.
  • So maybe this one’s too good to be true.Well, after a thorough TotalAV review,I can say that it has a pretty good free plan,enough to protect from malware and phishing,but it’s missing things like real time protection and system cleanup tools.

The paid plans definitely boost the experience.There’s efficient real time protection,a tool for safe browsing,and unlimited data VPN,yet, still my favorite is their optimization tool.It helps the device run more efficiently and cleans up junk files.

Love it.Now, as I said,this is a super short review for the best antivirus for PC picks.I’m gonna leave links for more comprehensive reviews in the descriptions if you’re one of those who need to know more.

And maybe you’ve already decided,well, don’t forget to use those special deals to help knock that price down.They’re right in the description.All right, that’s it.Thanks for watching.I’ll see you in the next one.