IPVANISH Premium Vs Free 2022

Hi everyone , welcome to the Mad Men tourin this video I’ll show you how to install ipvanish for the amazon fire tv stick ipvanish works for any device regardless.

So just click the link in the description in just a few easy steps. ipvanish allows you to surf anonymously unrestricted anywhere in the world so whether you’re streaming online moviesTV shows or sports with apps like cody.

wherever you’re browsing the internetbanking or using public Wi-Fi whatever you’re doing ipvanish will keep all your information private insecure stuff your internet provider spying on you and throttling your speed and prevent you from getting hacked it’s the best VPN inthe world so we’ll get started and I’ll Show you what you need to do.

 so from the firestick main menu if we scroll to the left and hover over search you can then go down and we now need to type in ipvanish.

How to Get Free VPN Account ?

  • so type it out in full you should then see it appear in the list below so go ahead and click on ipvanish that or ipvanish VPN or where and there’s the ipvanish app so go ahead and click on itnow if you’ve got an address and a phone number stored in your Amazon one-click settings you can just carry on and click download.
  •  if not you’re gonna need to go ahead and do that so get that done save the address save the phone number and carry on from here so go ahead and click download.
  •  you’ll then see it’s aprocessing he’ll then say queued and it should then start downloading just click OK to get rid of the pup or it should only take about 10 seconds to download and then it will start installing.
  • it should just take over 30 seconds to install and once it’s finished you can go ahead and enter your login information and finally I’ll show you how it all works it really can’t be any easier once it’s all set off it’s just one click.

IP VANISH is Free and safe ?

 so just be patient and go in there and it should be finished any moment there we go so as you can see that’s now finished I’ll just wait for a little moment until you see the little pop up on the screen. I found that opening apps before the pop-up disappears can sometimes make it really sluggish.

so just wait a little bit longer until the pop-up disappears and then we’ll go ahead and open ipvanish there we go so now that’s disappeared go ahead and click on opens all you need to do here is enter login details.

so go ahead and click okI’ve covered my not for obvious reasons so if you haven’t already signed up for an account just go ahead and register and then obviously come back here enter login details click on next.

And it’s then gonna log us in there we go so we’re now in the ipvanish ah we don’t need to change any settings whatsoever before we connect to the VPN no just take a look in the top left that you’re visible IP address go ahead and click onconnect should see a little pop up on the screen.

so this only comes up the first time you actually connect to theVPN so go down and click ok normally takes less than 10 seconds to connect and you should now no issue visible IPaddress is totally different.

How To Get Ip Vanish free account 2022

so that tells you it’s working and it’s doing its job so that’s it we’re all done you’ve now got ipvanish protecting you when you’re online and keeping you safe you can just back up out of a VPN now or you can press the home button.

That’s going to take you to the main menu andthe VPN is gonna carry on working in the background so don’t forget peeps ipvanish works for all devices your fireTV Windows Mac iOS Chromebook anyAndroid device.

And you can even install it to your router you even get three choices you can have it for a month three months or the full year so don’t just take my word check out the review section it’s even got five stars byTom’s guide TechRadar lifehacker hacker CNET and PC Mac.

so that’s it for this video peeps I hope you enjoyed subscribing and click on the note 4Asians icon and you’ll get alerts for weekly uploads if you enjoyed please smash like comment to let others know it’s working share with you mate and check out my other videos see you next time so buy guys.

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