Blogging Vs Carrer Job 2022 |How to earn daily $50 per day

Hey, welcome back to the second part of blogging, guys. Blogging Vs Carrer Job 2022 .It’s a very flexible type of work environment, okay , so blogging that’s one thing.


I really like it. It’s really really flexible and it doesn’t discriminate either like it doesn’t matter as long as you you know have an internet connection and you have a computer it can be a great side hustle or it can be your full-time job soi think that’s a really key differentiator.

because with a corporate job you have to dedicate yourself pretty much 100 to that particular full-time position but with blogging youcan kind of take it from job to jobs you’re working these positions or you can eventually quit your job and really focus on your blogging.

so i think that’s a huge difference between the corporate career path and blogging in general and with corporate you know at the end of the day in terms of the end your path basically you’re hoping to retire you know 60-65-70 years old.

Trouble Faces During Blogging

That’s what you’re hoping to do and that’s in an ideal world so at that point you know 65 you’re not reallya spring chicken so to speak up and you’re probably pretty tired and you’re just gonna kind of relaxed until you unfortunately pass that’s just i’m sorry guys it’s dark but that’s the truth.

now when we’re talking about blogging it’s a lot different because with blogging you can be kind of semi-retired early bright like i’ve been to where i literally you know in the past i haven’t done it lately admittedly.

 I’m working really hard lately but in the past I have kind of just taken like a month or two before and just be like I’m just going to kind of relax because you can do that you also got to remember that with blogging if you’re successful with it.


  • if you’re doing it well you may be able to sell a blog for a huge sum of money and you know early on in your life and then pay off some bills or invest that money right.
  • i have certain blogs right now i have two of them that are worth pretty significant amount of money and i could easily sell one of them to pay off my house you know invest in other real estate that sort of stuff you can’t really do that with a full-time job right full-time job is never going to give you that opportunity.
  • they’re basically giving you that salary every month and it’s just gonna go on and on and on all right so next let’s talk about the risks and risk differences between a corporate career and blogging right so with a corporate career.
  • First off you can get fired at any time okay it can happen at any time and ithink unfortunately a lot of people realize this with the pandemic going onuh maybe not fired but temporarily laid off there was a lot this really disrupted the economy and due to that i think people realize like hey my company.
  • if it comes down to for the good of the company or for the good of the individual the company wins every time i know as a founder of a company my own company if i have an employee and i absolutely have to choose between the company itself surviving or the employee that employee is gone.

Blogging External factors

It’s nothing personal against the employee. They may be great but there’s external factors and there’s so much pressure for me to keep the business. I would have to let go of the employee.

ijust would have to be right. I’d be forced so you can get fired at any time don’t be fooled, your job is never, you know, completely safe with a corporate career. It just doesn’t always get fired. Next is that your salary is always limited so when you’re working at a corporate career even.

if you’re in sales you know and they have these uh you know uncapped commissions even right like if you’re in sales you’re making good money and you’re making these bonuses and they’re great the thing is that pipeline of customers is still only so big right so your salary really is always going to be limited to uh.

corporate career your vacation time

  1.  What the company gives you in salary, what they give you a bonus and then also what their customer pipeline is right, there’s always that limitation there next is the fact that in a corporate career your vacation time is always going to be limited okay.
  2. so i can right now uh just say you know what i’m going to take this next uh week off and i’m gonna go somewhere i can do that i’m able to do that and i’ll go to that place and maybe i’ll have to work an hour or so a day just checking on emails and checking everything as long as i have internet in laptop.
  3. i may have to do a little bit of that but generally speaking i can work anywhere right and my vacation time is infinite i can go wherever i want whenever i want obviously you can’t do that with a corporate career with a corporate career they basically say.
  4. hey you’ll get two weeks or three weeks and or hey we’re gonna dictate that this particular day is holiday and you’re gonna get this off that’s kind of something that um is frustrating because you don’t really get tofully live your life in my opinion right.
  5. if you really want to take a vacation you really have to wait it sucks right it’s it’s that freedom component that is very very powerful in my opinion to have that freedom next and this is a really big one is that you need to make sure that you like this video.
  6. if you’re enjoying it and subscribe to the channel to become part of my community because why wouldn’t you do that by now if you’re still watching obviously you’re liking this.

Blogging is work from Home

so please take a second to do that but anyway next is you’re you’re forced with a corporate career you’re forced to go to work and you’re forced to go through a commute so regardless of what you do you have to go to a specific location every single day through the commute.

And you have to get there and then you have to talk with everyone all yourco-workers i know now it’s changing a little bit because some people are working from home morewhich is a big change in our society andi think for the best actually.

i think it’s overdue but generally speaking you’re going to be forced to work somewhere and you’re going to be forced to go through a commute that you frankly don’t really want to go to but you have to in order to get to work.

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