Why Blogging is Less Risky Than a Corporate Career 2022 Part-1


what’s up you guys this is professor Frank and today i want to talk about why blogging is less risky than a corporate career now i still remember in 2014 when i left my full-time corporate position.

i took the huge risk of beginning my first blog right o’reilly focusing 100 on my first blog is what i should say and it was one of the scariest moments of my life right i was basically going on a path that not many people take and i really didn’t know.

how it was going to work out for me whatsoever and at the time i felt like this was a pretty crazy risk because i had a really good job i was doing pretty good you know corporatewisei was kind of on the safe route but i decided you know.

 what forget it i just have to do this and i decided to do its rented out my condo in the city that out lowered my bills in other ways as much as i absolutely could and i rented a pretty crappy one-bedroom apartment uh in a suburb of chicago and i actually and this is no joke.

my wife will tell you this i haduh cardboard boxes as some of my end tables in that apartment so i really just said you know what for a year i’m gonna i’m gonna risk it all and i’m just gonna go for it i took that risk.

What is corporate career ?

but looking back especially from what i know now i’ve begun to realize that my path into blogging i genuinely feel is actually much less risky than a corporate career and today what i’m going to do is explain.

why that is so that being said let’s go ahead and get started alright so this one what i figured what i’d do is really kind of compare the corporate career path versus blogging okay and kind of talk about the two differences between them and talk about some of the risks as well first off with a corporate career.

you’re basically guaranteed at this point to spend some where between like thirty thousand to a hundred thousand dollars on a degree um i personally spent ithink was around fifty thousand on a degree and most of you probably fall in that same area.

Blogging Carrer

you know i don’t know what the blogging carrer to average student debt is but you kind of have to do that with a corporate career you have to take on that big amount of debt to get a at least a bachelor’s degree to get into a career right conversely with blogging you really don’t need a degree it doesn’t matter.

if you’re 50 years old and you just graduated high school or never even graduated high school you could still start blogging i’ll say that my thought process with this whole thing too is that a degree is still a good insurance policy just in case that the blogging stuff doesn’t work out.

i don’t think there’s anything necessarily wrong with ituh you know i did quite a bit of schooling myself but at the same time it’s not really a requirement for blogging the next comparison is that with a corporate career.

you really begin at a low level of payright the whole idea between the corporate ladder climbing the corporate ladder is you start low you work your way up and you end up making more money as you go right conversely with blogging everybody really begins at the same level as everyone else okay it doesn’t matter.

Blogging everybody starts at zero

  • if you have10 years in marketing years in marketing you know know alot about blogging know nothing about blogging everybody starts at zero when you start a blog you start at zero it doesn’t matter what you know now at this point obviously.
  • if i were to start a blog and someone that was brandnew started a blog i would have an advantage because i have a lot of that knowledge but that’s not the point the point is when you start out it’s a very even playing field you’re not necessarily starting out at a low point and climbing your way up you’re pretty much starting out with nothing. 
  • which is what everyone startswith and then you’re climbing way up from your way up from there so it’s a little bit different in that regard next is that with a corporate career and this is something i did all the time so you’re either working for a promotion. 
  • you’re working at the same job for a long time to get a promotion and pay increase or you’re just changing your jobs to increase your pay i actually did that a lot admittedly i probably every two maybe three years.

changing jobs Profile

I was changing jobs because I saw a pay increase right so with a corporate career you kind of have to do that or you stay at the same job for a long time get incremental pay increases and then eventually promotions.

you work your way up with blogging and this is really true your earnings are directly correlated to your efforts and to your decisions so if you make good decisions in blogging and you put in a lot of hard work.

you make the right moves. Your earnings are going to increase right along with that path that you’re taking right. Everything that you’re doing directly correlates it impacts it right at the source okay with the job.

i think we all know that’s just not true right there’s plenty of times when i hadjobs when guys i had jobs where i would work half the time on their stuff and half the time my stuff isn’t really right no but at the sametime that’s just how a job works you know you can work hard hard and you’re really not going to see a tumble with blogging.

Blogging Journey

it’s a little bit different next is that incorporate you’re basically taking a job that you can let’s be honest you can tolerate for 40to 50 years uh it might be a job and then another job all within companies right.

you’re just basically working at different companies kind of hopping around 40 to 50 years and then eventually you’re retiring or you’re one of those people who’s very very loyal and you’re working at the same company for 40 to 50 years i could never do that.

but if you’re one of those people find you know that’s an option as well with blogging it’s definitely different so blogging you can work on this with or without a job so if you have a job itcan be a side hustle if you don’t have a job it could be a full-time job plus other hours that’d be great right uh.

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