Your Password is Safe or Not ? in Browser


Hey  You know that eerie feeling you get when you’re setting up a password manager?Yeah, even if it’s a respected one like 1 Password.

Well, that feeling doesn’t really go away,at least not until you know exactly what’s going on with your data and what you can do to keep it protected.Hey, I’m Mike from CyberNews.And in this video.

we’re going to figure out the question, is 1Password safe?(upbeat music)But before we get into 1Password,let’s go over the general idea here.Are password managers safe?Well, it’s not really that simple.See, password managers are supposed to be like this trusted vault that contains a whole bunch of your data in one place.

They are a great alternativeto the age-old technique of writing everything down on a note and hoping for the best.I mean that little note could be accessed by anyone and that’s where password managers have your back,but not all password managers are equal.Let me repeat that.Not all password managers are equal.The safer password managers are supposed to be for your eyes only.

And the 1Password password manager has encryption that makes it extremely difficult for a cybercriminal to compromise your account.

Then other features like a password generator and dark web scanner help go the extra mile,something a mere sticky note in the drawer can’t do.Now I’m gonna go into more detail about all this a little later in the video,including what makes a password manager unsafe as well.

Secret Key

But for now, the most important thing for a password manager is the password security.So how does 1Password fare here?Let’s take a look.At this point, you might be thinking,do you need a password manager?Well, yeah, but it has to be the right password manager.

And when it comes to 1Password,I can tell safeguarding userdata is a priority for them.It’s in the form of standardAES-256 bit encryption that protects your account with a 34-digit secret key that you can use to get in and no one’s getting in without it.But they take that to the next level with their zero-knowledge policy.

Because with that, even they can’t see your passwords.Yep, even if you beg them to.And what makes 1password One of the best password manager options in the game right now?Well, you get access to features like the WatchTower,which prompts you if the password you’re using isn’t safe or strong enough.

This feature is super easy to use and can be found in the left hand column.Here, I was able to see the status of particular vaults and what’s inside right at a glance.I could also click the main categories for more specifics.And speaking of vaults,the multiple vaults makes organizing your data super easy to help streamline everything.

Credit card Information

Here, take credit card information, for example.I was able to tuck this infoway all safe and sound,while daily activities like sharing passwords is simplified and can be managed within these vaults.I can’t stress enough how many beginner or family would appreciate this approach enough.Then there’s travel mode.

Now this really comes in handy when I go on business trips,but I still need to access some, but not all,of my sensitive info.Now in short, you can lock specific vaults away when you’re traveling to various regions.The specific vaults will just disappear.So even in the worst case scenario,your credentials wouldn’t be viewable.It’s also super simple to import 1Password data into the account.So setup is minimal too, both for a single person accountant for 1Password families.Overall, this is a password manager that clearly takes protecting users’ data seriously without being super difficult to use.

24/7 support privacy

While all of these features are great,they need to be accessible for us to use, right?And yes, this does come at a small price.And a quick side note here,we always add the best deals we can find down below.So check those out once you’re done.

This all starts at around $1.50 at the month for a single-user account at the moment.And surprisingly,this comes with unlimited passwords, 24/7 support,and the ability to securely share your password with anyone you choose.For the cost of a house drip coffee,I’m not feeling cheated at all with what they’re offering.

With providers like LastPass,having a $3 month premium plan currently,it’s really an affordable deal.Now 1Password family account currently have five useroptions for under $3 a month.

Their family plan is one of my favorites,such ease of use and customization options are in there.I do have a 1Password family and 1Password tutorial,if you’re interested, just saying.

zero-knowledge policy

It’s gonna show you the versatile permission customizations and how you can truly tailor your accounts.I’ll go ahead and add it to the pin comment if you’re interested.Okay, before we head towards the conclusion of this video.

I wanna stress some important considerations.Yes, while password manager like 1Password are great,there are still risks to using the wrong password manager.And keep in mind,since all of your data is stored in one place,making the right choice is crucial.

Saving a couple of bucks a month and opting for a random,maybe free password manager,shouldn’t be your priority,unless they also have a zero-knowledge policy,a good reputation, no, make that a great reputation,and use high-level encryption.If they don’t, well, they shouldn’t really be trusted,should they?This doesn’t mean you can’t get a free password manager.

You just gotta keep in mind that they often won’t have the advanced capabilities that you need, stuff like a data breach checker and biometric authentications.That’s why a provider like 1password Is a good benchmark on what to look for.And I should mention, using different privacy tools and good cyber hygiene is a must.

100% secure online

There’s no way to stay 100% secure online after all.Sometimes. it’s not even the password manager that leads to a data leak.It can be human error the password itself.

A password manager not only mitigates thisfrom happening by stopping duplicate or weak passwords,but it even helps you generate new, stronger ones.Okay, if you’ve liked the video so farand the solid advice and reviews,give the like and subscribe buttons a little bump and join the CyberNews family.

We’re always working on making bigger and better videos just for you.And we’d love to see you around more, so why not?Okay, now to sum up this 1Password review,1Password is a great option.Tailored towards families and personal use

It’s all packed up nicely,including a little security box for good measure.It’s one of the most streamlined providersI’ve had the pleasure of using,but let’s hear what you think.We always do our best to reply to the comments.So let’s hear it.What’s your answer to,is 1Password secure?Hey, thanks for watching.I’ll see you in the next one.