Why use a VPN in 2022 ? | VPN explained

What are VPN ?

If you asked anyone to have a vpn explained they’re either going to call it a tool for cybercrime or an overly advertised gimmick if that’s the caswell then why use a vpn.

hey guys i’m mike and let’s get right into it and address some of these controversies huh look a vpn is not for cyber criminals at its very basic level it’s a tool to protect your online privacy and that is not a crime but of course doing illegal stuff with a vpn is well still illegal now vpn marketing is a whole other beast way too often.

it targets people’s paranoia and vpn suddenly become the sole solution to every single cyber problem out there and that’s certainly not the truth is it there’s no need to over exaggerate what a vpn can do there are plenty of logical reasons why you would want to use a vpn orwell why i use one at least okay.

 so one of the very first reasons isof course online safety and that comes down to how a vpn works whenever i connect to a vpn server i get a whole new ip address so yes a vpn is the first answer in how to hide your ip but the main thing here is the encryption.

if somebody intercepts my vpn protected connection well they’re just going to see a hodgepodge of letters symbols and numbers such protection is probably the main reason why i’d say yes to the do i need a vpn question it helps avoid tracking from your isp the government or even those annoying invasive ad companies but okay that feels a little conspiracy theory-is right.

VPN is Safe or Not ?

So let’s get down to earth and take the public wi-fi dangers into account. The simple question is publicwi-fi safe. Sorry to break it to you but it’s not even close. It’s super vulnerable but given the dangers I still don’t want to stay locked down to my home wifi forever.

i mean if i want to work from acafe i should be able to go and do exactly that but each time i do i make sure to connect to a vpn to stayprotect now besides safety there are quite a few practical uses as well the reality of working with people around the world is that we need to connect to remote servers a lot.

So why use a vpn for that? It lets me connect to a remote network and gives me access to things that I otherwise couldn’t possibly get a hold of at your workplace or even your school might require such a step since.

it’s way saferto region lock servers containing the sensitive data which brings me to my next point geo restrictions well from a different perspective anyway bbc netflix hulu yada yada yada so many streaming services are all guilty of restricting their content to specific locations since a vpn can change my virtual location.


one thing leads to another and suddenly i’m just another guest over on netflix Japan. Now this is the main stuff I personally use a VPN for since there are certain situations that I don’t encounter all that much like to do.

I need vpn to bypass censorship. Not really, no I don’t live in a restrictive regime but hey you might need you use vpn to get around those restrictions if that’s what you need then yeah get onit there are less extreme use cases toolike learning.

how to unblock sites at school searching for cheap flight deals and all that stuff so whatever you can squeeze out of your vpn service do it.

VPN Maintain Your Privacy

I like to use the vpn ability to block ads so I don’t need to install separate tools in general. It’s easy to set up and easy to use, sure it’s not a solution to every problem but it’s helpful in many ways and well that’s enough for me now.

if you’re getting interested in vpn well we always leave special deals for our favorite best vpn service picks right in the description but now comes the question should you buy one or should you get one for free i get it if you can get a free service why use vpn that charges you for stuffwell in the world of free vpns..

it’s actually not so peachy take a look at this 25 million bean vpn user records were exposed. What else can you say this free vpn is definitely not the most secure vpn 2022 but there are a couple of reliable free vpn options out there.

And we do often recommend them on this channel but for me they’re just too restrictive no additional features slow speeds very limited server choices and streaming barely works if at all free ones are really only enough for baseline bare bones protection if you want something more well only the best vpns with the paid plans can help you out.


If you’d like more details on those then just sub to the channel you’ll find many more vpn comparisons reviews and trusted recommendations and anything else you need well just ask using the comments we’ll get to it as soon as we can hey i hope i got the vpn explained properly and answered the question of should you use a vpn at home.

what you use it for and do you need avpn at all well that’s up to you this video is simply my own answer to why i should use a vpn in 2022 hey thanks for sticking around to the end i hope to see you in the next one