NordVPN is the best Vpn For 2022

Hey everyone it’s mike and i gotta say though i keep on ranting about great cyber security tools on this channel not many are actually.NordVPN Premium Account Update Hourly 2022. free nordvpn services can get quite expensive but we still want to protect our pcs right and sometimes.

If you take away the data leaks and the malware scandals well suddenly the free vpn for pc list has just a few soldiers left standing.

We don’t want to pay a lot to get it and that’s exactly why I’ve tested some free vpn options for your pc first up with the atlas vpn free nordvpn version which makes me. 

How to Get Free VPN??

  1. So sure that this one doesn’t have problems with leaking user data well since atlas vpn’s jurisdiction lies within the us of ayeah there’s some questions i mean it is at the forefront of the four eyes alliance.
  2. but they do have an audited nologs policy and both the aes 256 and cha-cha 20 encryption so that’s actually quite enough to give me some peace of mind but when it comes to actual vpn capabilities i gotta be honest i wasn’t expecting much.
  3. but i was shocked to find servers in three locations and i got two simultaneous device connections as well something that not many free vpns can brag about alright what about the performance for this best free vpn contender well the speeds aren’t too bad.
  4. since they do have the wire guard tunneling protocol i managed to do some torrenting but keep in mind there is a10 gigabyte monthly data cap yeah 10gigabyte monthly data cap so streaming is a no go either but since streaming.

Single vpn free or Not ?

services are cracking down on every single vpn free or not it’s no surprise that a free vpn for pc isn’t exactly up for the task to get some streaming options yeah you’re gonna need to upgrade but is it worth it what else are you getting well first thing the server fleet expands to 750 plus options in over 38 countries.

i also enjoyed having access to the tracker blocker which doubled as an ad block i tested safeswap as well which is nice to have the ip changes without having to disconnect now performance shot up with the paid plans as expected.

so i did a few speed tests and overall it reduced my internet speed by around 20 percent and if the atlas vpn free version disappointed me on the streaming partthe premium proved otherwise with specialized streaming capabilities.


it’s not the best streaming vpn out there but i did get through to a few netflix libraries and bbc iplayer but no to zonenummer and while torrenting i had some disconnections but no major problems otherwise it’s not perfect but considering the stellar performance a neat windows interface.

And the fact that they offer unlimited simultaneous connections for just around two dollars a month, yeah it’s worth considering upgrading. By the way don’t forget to check out some deals left in the description for you. 

you could at least pay the least amount of money that you probably need to right okay now back to our free vpn for pc review next up in my free vpn for 2022 line up. i have proton vpn it’ll especially satisfy those who are searching for an unlimited free vpn since there’s no data cap but is it safe yes it is proton’s jurisdiction lies in the privacy-friendly country of switzerland same encryption as atlas vpn with the wire guard protocol available so nothing really to add here.


  • Now i did find that the free atlas vpn and proton vpn versions match up on a few other things like servers in three locations and had similar speedperformance but are there downsides to this free vpn for windows yep i only got one simultaneous connection plustorrenting is not really an option with this guy.
  • so it’s not the absolute best free vpn but then again as far as free vpn options go it’s still a solid choice does anything extra come after spending some cash well let’s see if proton vpn premium is actually worth it or should you just stick to using your vpn for free now i can’t really make this big decision for you but here’s.
  • what i found when testing their vpn for pc the paid version first of all way more servers over 1700 covering more than 60 countries and found features like secure core which functions as a double vpn for even more security there’s the tour over vpn feature but it only comes with a more expensive plan their windows version has the most features out of every os that they cover.
  • so that’s also a good sign for upc folks linux users will have to find a version here on top of that it’s quite a speedy vpn i noticed only around a 15 speed reduction on average great results and that’s mostly thanks to their vpn accelerator now for you streaming and torrenting folksnope.

P2P support

I did not forget about you since proton vpn has p2p support yestorrenting does work works just fine and so while testing streaming i was able to access a few major netflix library like in the us uk even japan i also tried amazon hbo max and hulu all good except yet again for some reason no tozoneso overall proton vpn is a decent free vpn for pc option that expands evenfurther with the paid plans.

but to be fair it’s not the cheapest currently starting at around five dollars a month but what bothers me is that the cheapest plan doesn’t unlock all the capabilities to do that you actually gotta pay five dollars more only then was i able to access all of the servers and stuff like core or get better streaming support.

How to Get Free VPN online ?

That’s the biggest reason why i lean more towards atlas vpn at this point but the free vpn for 2022 competition I hated but i actually quite enjoyed using it as a vpn for pc. 

And you know it kind of seems like the high dot me vpn free version is taking my top two recommendations and blending their offerings together same encryption standards and a no log policy main difference servers in five locations that’s pretty nice just like the proton vpn free version.

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