Is Blogging Safe or Not For Career 2022 ?

Hey guys, welcome back to the third part of this that’s just the reality of the situation next is the fact that you don’t have control of your own goals this is a brutal one for me this was actually a huge reason for me to leave my job so when you’re working a corporate job.

Introduction part 3

  1. you may feel like he is the one thing that we need to do as a department like if you’re marketing or something you may say we want to do this and we need to grow this channel so we should really focus here.
  2.  we should really focus on these things but here’s the thing i had that when i was at a corporate career i was like i should focus here i should do this but i had a boss who was telling me.
  3.  no we need to do this and i would essentially argue a little bit and say well i don’t know if that’s really the best because you know you always have to defend your position and be politically correct and yeah you gotta i don’t know if that’s a buzz.
  4. because I think that and the boss may be like oh okay yeah that’s great that’s great that’s great but I’m the boss so go do what I say that’s really unfortunately what happens so you don’t have control of your goals right.

corporate career is risk or not ?

  • so it really like personally it bothered me a lot that was a big thing with me was that with a corporate career it was a risk in the fact that i wasn’t able to do free thinking i wasn’t able to determine my own paths and my own goals even for the good of the company.
  • i just wasn’t able to do that and that can be really really really frustrating next and this one kind of goes along with it is that you’re always answering to someone else so this is a big risk because you’re always answering to someone else.
  • so i have been in jobs where i literally spent most of my time defending my job to people i was telling them what i was doing every day and that was my job to defend my job that was so annoying and i’ve had to do it.
  • so you’re always answering to someone else so even if you’re not defending your job necessarily there’s always someone above you that’s saying we need to do this this and this right and that individual is telling you.


what to do and it’s your job to basically do it that’s really what you’re focused on and you know that individual you really have to impress that individual because if that individual doesn’t like what you’re doing they may fire you or if they do like what you’re doing they may keep you but i actually had a friend this just happened to him. 

Their boss gottfried and guess what, that person within a week was also fired that also is a big thing to understand when you are so reliant on one person if that one person goes away and you’re reporting to one person and that person goes away.

Now you have an issue with your career because you don’t really know what the future holds and it was something completely out of your own power.

blogging risks

so now that we got the corporate career risks kind of out of the way let’s talk about blogging risks right so first off is algorithm updates.

so this is a brutal one everyone’s probably heard about it or experienced it basically this means hey your blog your writing everything’s going well your traffic is going up and then old google decides hey you know.

what i’m going to change something we’re going to change up our rankings and then all of a sudden your traffic drops 20 30overnight it happens doesn’t happen all the time but it does happen when that happens that’s obviously a big risk right that’s a scary risk to take because that algorithm.

How to make money to blogging

which is completely outside your control can really really hurt you in the long run for it can also do the other thing which is benefit you right but generally speaking that is gonna be a risk in blogging the next risk is affiliate program changes so this just comes down to the ways that you make money.

and this could be a big one but basically like if you have an amazon website amazon is notorious fortaking their commissions and you know one day they’ll pay ten percent and then literally overnight or within a week they’ll drop that down to five percent or three percent or one percent right they adjust their commission rates overtime.

Affliate Program Blog

  1. Amazon specifically is one that has continually gone down with their commission rates that could happen with any affiliate program that you’re part of any program that you’re a part of at all they may just say you know what, we’re just going to drop the affiliate or the affiliate commission rates.
  2. because we want to and we’re paying you too much we’re going to do it that’s a risk right that’s a risk that you have to take and that’s something that does stink but as long as there’s other competitors there.
  3. you can probably shift over to a competitor and you won’t lose out on a ton of money at the same time another risk with blogging and i have to be honest most of you that are watching this orare trying you’re gonna fail a few times that’s okay you’re not gonna completely fail it doesn’t mean that you’re a failure.
  4. it just means that you’ve made some mistakes and you have to learn from those mistakes and continue to move forward the next risk with blogging is that there is a big learning curve so you’re going to spend a lot of time when you start out this blogging stuff investing your time and understanding all of the different things.

Social media Platform

you have to understand and it’s quite a bit tight like it’s simple on the surface but as time goes on you have to understand seo email marketing paid ads if you’re doing that social media copywriting writing standard operating procedures being a project manager.

there’s a lot of different things but this big learning curve that you’re going to go through is actually really beneficial for your career so it is a risk in the sense that you’re going to invest a lot of time into it.

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