IONOS Best SHARED Hosting Provider 2022

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Hey everyone,so IONOS is a very interesting company.It offers so many different things that the question arises are IONOS web hosting plans actually worth your time and money?Well, instead of finding all of that out the hard way, follow me along in this IONOS review and learn the ins and outs of this provider.Let’s go.

So what the hell is IONOS and how do you even say it?1&1 IONOS, just I-O-N-O-S,1&1 I-O-N-O-S?Look, I don’t even know.

I don’t really like that name but that’s just my small little rant.Anyway, the provider itself was established in 1988.Wait, 1988?Was there even internet back then?Damn So I guess it is a bit of a veteran but years don’t automatically mean that IONOS is any good.

Now it seems to offer everything related to hosting,apart from the kitchen sink.You want an SSL certificate?Sure.You need a tool for SEO optimization?Here you go.Maybe you need IONOSWordPress specific plans.Sure.

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They have everything a smallWordPress hosting projector a beginner just starting out might need,but keep in mind that IONOS website builder is a separate thing and does not come packaged with hosting.

But for today, let’s focus on their most popular offer.Shared hosting.Let’s get the wildest partabout this provider, pricing.

First cheapest hosting plan here currently goes for around $4 a month and renews at around $6 a month.Very standard pricing since u get a free domain name and even the newest PHP version.Sure, it limits you to around10 gigabytes of storage but for a single website it’s enough.

So nothing too crazy with this one but do you see something rather odd?Yeah, you can get the middle tier business plan for a year for just 50 cents a month.No, I didn’t edit this page.It’s the actual price they want from you for unlimited websites,unmetered storage space and bandwidth.

This deal is a bit insane and kind of too good to be true, right?Of course it kind of is.First do note that you can only buy hosting for a year or a month here.Second, when the honeymoon period is over,the monthly price jumps to $10 a month,that’s a 20 times increase.

IONOS’ shared hosting

Is this plan worth it even after the increase?Yeah, IONOS’ shared hosting plans have everything your website will need, but the initial price change can be a bit of a doozy.

In contrast what I really like about IONOS is that they are very transparent about what you’re actually buying.You know, those providers that just write better performance with the more expensive plans.Like what the hell does that even mean?More Ram?More PHP memory?Here you get to see beforehand how many resources you’ll be given for each plan.

So if you’re looking for a short period of hosting maybe you don’t know if your projector online store will succeed.

Then IONOS will be the cheapest and safest option to try the waters out.Well, you’ve seen they offer a lot with their plans but how easy are these tools to use?First, the website can be a bit confusing but that doesn’t transfer to their control dashboards.

This is what you’ll be working on.It’s a custom control panel that, after just a few minutes really sticks to you.It’s easy to understand.

Control panel

You instinctively know where specific settings are placed in the dashboard itself is responsive. Installing a brand new WordPress is as easy as one, two, three,just like the process you see on screen.

But do keep in mind that personallyI found it a bit lacking when it comes to more complex tasks like cron jobs or PHP editing.It seems to be orientated at beginners and with prices as they are, yeah, I can see why.

Now, if you’re a diehard fan of older control panel like my mortal enemy, the cPanel then you’ll be a bit disappointed since IONOS only uses its custom built dashboard for everything. But luckily IONOS dashboard has everything that Panel has just a bit more streamlined for beginners.

You know, not throwing everyoption in your face at once.As you can probably tell I’m leaning towards recommending you to try IONOS. So if you like what you see make sure to use those discount links in the description down below to get even better deals.

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These links are affiliate meaning while you get a discountI get a small commission helping this channel stay online and bring you the best hosting reviews out there.

Thanks, and let’s get back.What performance can you expect?Well, pretty impressive considering the price and the features you get.Now I’ve tested two different aspects.Loading time with the default WordPress theme,basically an empty site and loading times of completely built websites.

IONOS managed to load an empty WordPress in less than one second.So, okay, that’s pretty impressive but let’s try the fully completed website and okay,it managed to fully load this website in 1.3 seconds.

That’s nearly two times faster than Google’s recommended loading time for a website in 2022.The crazy thing is this loading time can actually be improved compared to let’s say Hostinger.IONOS’s biggest drawback is the time before the first byte.

SSL certificates

It basically means how long the server took to start loading your site after it receives the request.In Hostinger’s case that’s usually 0.1,0.2 seconds.

But with IONOS, this takes nearly half of the loading time, 0.5 or 0.6 seconds.In conclusion, IONOS is really great for users that care about loading times and there’s room for even more improvements,hopefully in the near future.I was also pleasantly surprised by the security suite that comes with each plan.

Even the SSL, which kind of standard by now for every hosting provider is a bit different here.

These are wildcard SSL certificates ,really useful when you want to have a project with multiple domains and subdomains.Every plan here also includes DDoS protection,a site scanning tool and daily, I repeat,daily backups of your content.

Yeah, if you want a really decent security package for a laughably small price,check out IONOS hosting plans.Before we wrap this review, you just need to know one thing.