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Hey, I’m Sid  Sorry about that, but what better way to work on my grammar than CharlesDicken’s 1860 classic, so how to get a Grammarly premium account.Grammarly Premium FREE June 2022 Working | 2022 Daily Update.Great Expectations?But wait, there’s actually something much better.

As a college student you know how important avoiding grammar and spelling mistakes are.Here is an in depth review of Grammarly.

Grammarly’s Premium version

  • To better understand how it works andif it’s truly worth it.Hey, I’m Alberto from Gradehacker,the number one nontraditional student resource.We have been using Grammarly’s Premium version for a few years now, so we know everything about it.In a nutshell, Grammarly is a writing app that helps you check and correct your spelling and grammar mistakes.
  • Their AI software analyzes your text and points out any grammar, spelling,punctuation, word choice,and even stylistic mistakes.It’s basically your own little online editor.Let’s see how their features work.First, let’s start with the Grammar and punctuation checker
  • Among the grammar mistakes that Grammarly Correct, we have punctuation errors, poor sentence formation, run on sentences;we’re one of the biggest culprits of that,and lengthy and wordy sentences.It’s quite extensive, and as it can correct more than 150 mistakes.
  • Spelling Check, with this feature, you can correct all the mistakes present in your text in one place instead of having to fix spelling mistakes via Microsoft Word First and then checking grammatical errors through Grammarly.

Features :

Grammarly’s awesome feature is that you can set your English language preference.You can choose between American English,British English, Canadian English,and Aussie English.Because of this, Grammarly will point out any words that aren’t spelled according to the English convention you use.

Gone are the days when you had to make sure you wrote color instead of color, or vice versa.Next, we have one of our favorites,their Plagiarism detection feature.You just upload or copy and paste your essay, and Grammarly will do the job of comparing it to billions of existing web pages to detect any sources of plagiarism.

Synonym suggestions

This will save you from being scolded by your professor because Turn It in revealed that your essay hada high Plagiarism score.Following, we have their excellent vocabulary enhancement tool.Just by double checking on a word,you can see a list of synonyms.This feature is available for both the free and premium versions.

Still, with Grammarly Premium,you’ll receive an advanced suggestion for more words that are more appropriate to your text,tone and formality.It will also flag repetitive words that you’re overusing and give you the best synonym suggestions.Finally, finally, Grammarly works as your own writing style coach.

Not only do they flag mistakes and tell you how to fix them, but they also teach you why your error was wrong.Over time, this allows you to improve your writing skills and makefewer of the same mistakes.

Also, there’s an overall score tab that will increase as you improve your text by following Grammarly suggestions,and if you click the See Performance Button below the overall score, you’ll be able to see specifics about your text readability and word count.Stop! Before we continue, don’t forget to like and subscribe to our channel to keep learning the best tips you need for your College life.

Okay, now we know what Grammar Is and what they do, but how do you actually use it?There’s a free browser extension that you can download right now.By installing it, you’ll have Grammarly Monitoring your writing on almost any site on the web.

Grammarly’s green logo

Grammarly’s green logo in the bottom right corner will indicate that it is checking your text, and it will provide you with grammar suggestions as you type.

Then there are three ways you can use their main workspace.One is their web tool,which you can access by entering their website Another option is their desktop app for Windows or Mac,which you can download for free from their website.

And the third option lets you addGrammarly into Microsoft Word to include all of their features right there.You need to visit their installation website and follow the instructions to integrate it.We’ll leave the description in the link below.

You can also use Grammarly on your phone.By downloading their app,you’ll be able to install their keyboard and ensure that anything you write is free of mistakes.We have seen everything about Grammarly minus one tiny yet important detail, the cost.

Subscription Plan

Their prices change depending on the team you choose, and all are billed as one payment: $12 per month for the annual plan,$20 per month for the quarterly plan,and $30 per month if you want to go for the monthly plan.

Even though their premium version allows you to access their most exclusive features, we must say that their free version is actually quite good and complete.Unlike other apps, Grammarly’s free plan doesn’t rely on a free trial.It’s a standalone version with limited features that you can use for the time you want without paying anything or even adding your credit card information.

It corrects fundamental spelling,punctuation, or English Convention mistakes.With their premium plan,you get all their features and it lets you take advantage of one of the best online grammar checkers.

As a premium user, you’ll be able to fix more complex errors.Some additional areas that Grammarly Premium corrects are unclear structure,writing inconsistencies, overuse of words, wordiness, inappropriate tone,and insensitive language.

Free plagrism Checker

Before we finish here, let’s make a quick recap of the pros and cons.On the one hand, the best that Grammarly Has to offer is an extensive online grammar knowledge base,a wide variety of workspaces to use,incredible tutoring tools that will correct mistakes and explain how to improve.One of our favorites,which is their Plagiarism checker and a quite complete free version for people who aren’t interested in paying.

On the other hand, Grammarly’s main consconsist of its price, $30 per month for $144 a year can be a bit too much,and many people may not be able to afford it.Yet in our own experience we’ve seen that they have very frequent online sales that include up to 30,40 and even 50% off their annual plans.

Another Con is that Grammar suggestions once in a while could actually worsen your sentence.Of course, a writing app will never replace the accuracy of a human editor,so you can’t just blindly accept all Grammarly suggestions.


You have to take the time to read them to see if they’re accurate.Yet most of the time they are.Our verdict.In our opinion,it’s one of the best writing apps you can absolutely use and it’s a tool we completely recommend.

As we mentioned earlier, we use it as a team ourselves on a daily basis.They know their prices are not cheapso offering a free version that checks basic and general errors is a great choice for everyone who only needs the basic features and can’t afford to pay for the premium.

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