Best Xbox VPN | How to set up a VPN on Xbox 2022

Hey guys, server hopping ddos protection getting geo-restricted content oh yeah there are many benefits to using an xbox vpn but it’s not as easy as just downloading an app like you would on a pc or mobile device.

how to set up a vpn on xbox

So today i’m gonna walk you through the steps of setting up a gaming vpn and then reveal my best xbox vpn 2022 picks while we’re at it okay so how to set up a vpn on xbox one wheel .

There’s no way to install apps directly so we’re gonna need a workaround. Oh good news i’ve got two options: one is setting up a vpn connection on a router but be warned the setup part can be a bit of a hassle.

And that’s because every router is different and not all of them support a vpn connection just like not every vpn supported router setup so to get started you’re gonna need to sit down and well you have to do a little research who supports what and what are the best vpn providers to use in this case yeah like i said.

how to use a vpn on xbox

  1. It’s a little bit of a hassle but we also have a whole video dedicated to this sort of thing so i’ll link that in the description and in the comment section as well now once you figure out the router setup part learning how to use a vpn on xbox one is just a matter of connecting your xbox to said router.
  2. However this method has some drawbacks changing the servers can get complicated and on top of that all the devices within your network will go through the same vpn connection so that’s not ideal if you often switch between different vpn providers like.
  3. when you’re accessing different geo block content but overall setting up a vpn on a router works pretty good as a vpn xbox solution just not as well as i’d like it to and that brings us to option 2 of how to get a vpn on xbox one sharing a vpn connection from a windows device and before all of my mac folks out there start waving their fists in the comments look the sad truth is sharing a vpn connection from mac os.
  4. just doesn’t work in this case which is due to the limitations of mac itself yeah it’s a bummer but you’ll just need a windows device for this particular solution now if or when you have that covered there are two ways to share your vpn connection from a windows device wirelessly or using an ethernet cable.

Set up surf shark

this cable is way less complicated so that’s what i’m gonna do now i’m gonna show you how to use surf shark vpn on xbox by connecting your console through the ethernet cable for tutorial purpose i’ve set up surf shark i mean after all it is among my best vpn for gaming online picks mostly for its great speed and unlimited device connections deal.

but no matter what your xbox one vpn choice is the general setup is about the same to start make sure you have your best xbox vpn 2022 choice installed and ready to go my best console vpn recommendation are nordvpn and surf shark but other great providers like ipvanishand purevpn will also do the trick.

sojust pick your tool and if you don’t have a vpn yet then check the best vpn deals down in the description everyone should probably check those out actually go let’s look at them okay now that i’ve said that hopefully you’re still watching well.

it’s not enough to just pick the best xbox vpn yeah you’re also gonna need that ethernet cable there you go all right now we’re ready to go first on the windows toolbar right click the connection icon that’s going to be either wi-fi or wire depending onwell.

Network adapters Setting

your connection and again go with wired once this table pops up once again clickon either the wi-fi or the ethernet tab from here if i scroll down a little there’s the change adapter options setting if you click on it you’ll see a window just like this it shows all the network adapters connected to your device.

The next step is to configure the vpn adapter. My surfshack adapter is called ethernet2 which is how it usually is on most devices. Right click on that and you should see properties click that as well now in the pop-upwindow go to the sharing section.

choose ethernet in this drop-down menu and also mark the allow other network users to connect box click ok and then get out of the network settings.

now i need to configure the settings in my surf shark app and you’re going to need to do the same with your vpn settings so let’s open up the app and go to settings click on advanced and then among the tunneling protocols i’d choose open vpnĀ  oh yeah.

i forgot to mention this vpn connection thing won’t work with wire guard it’s a bummer but that’s why it’s especially important to pick a speedy xbox vpn and that’s exactly why i’m using surf shark today though to be fair in openvpn protocol standards nordvpn actually has slightly faster performance okay.

so anyway once you’re done with settings establish a vpn connection to a server of your choice then take your ethernet cable connect it to the console and bam that’s how you set up surf shark vpn for xbox.

The best vpn for gaming

now you can fully enjoy your xbox one vpn benefits and in case you’re confused about why you would even need an xbox vpn well let’s do a quick review on how to get the most out of your xbox one vpn the benefits start with server hopping.

Whether you want to check out some exclusive game deals or just simply playon foreign servers, a vpn for xbox is a great solution. Providers on the best vpn for gaming lists usually have tons of servers to choose from both north and surf shark cover over 60 countries.

if you need more than pure vpn has around 78 but the most important thing for a vpn is data protection if you cross the wrong player well you can find yourself in the crosshairs of a ddos attack these days.

It costs less than a used car to organize one. I’m not kidding. These attacks are really getting out of hand in recent years and since I’d rather avoid stuff like this a VPN is a no-brainer for me once my connection is safely encrypted.