Best Free VPN For Iphone 2022

Hey guys, a new feature for iCloud users has just been released called Private Relay.It kind of works like a built-in free VPN for iPhone,but can it actually match a traditional free iOS VPN?Hmm, let’s find out.


  1. So Private Relay,at first, I was convinced it was a built-in iOS VPN,but it’s not.It actually works by sending your traffic through two proxy servers,one operated by Apple,which encrypts the data and sends it forward,the second server operated by a third-party provider then decrypts it before sending your request to a website.See, this way, Apple knows your IPbut doesn’t know where you’re actually going.
  2. Meanwhile, that third party doesn’t know who you are but knows what you’re looking for.Now there is one major issue that arises from all of this.Apple doesn’t have ano-logs policy in place.
  3. we have no way of knowing if they could possibly trace your data back to you if needed, requested, or threatened.There’s also the fact that Private Relay only encrypts your traffic on Safari.
  4. Everything you do on other apps and browsers will still be traceable. On top of that,Private Relay proxy servers are easily detectable.So yeah, they often get blocked anyway.So if Private Relay is not exactly your best option,well, what is?Can you really get a free VPN for iPhone?Yes, yes you can.
  5. And two of my personal best free VPNfor iPhone 2022 options are the Atlas VPNand Proton VPN Free.For starters, with these two VPN for iOS choices,you get yourself an audited no-logs policy,which is important since a lot of non-reputable VPNs tend to sell their user’s data.So a no-logs policy is anice transparency move.
  6. That way, I can rest assured that my data will not be captured or sold off.Oh, and there’s one more thing that these free iPhoneVPN 2022 picks do better than Private Relay,and that would be with system-wide encryption.

best free VPNs WireGuard

You’ll no longer be limited to one browser.All your apps will go through the same VPN server,and traffic will be safe and encrypted.Now, still, security is just the baseline of a VPN.I mean, there’s so much more to it, right?And since I’ve used these two best free VPNs for a while,let’s pick them apart one by one.

The Atlas VPN free version allowed me to set up two devices at once.So I tested it both on iPhone and on iPad,and both work great.Within the free VPN for iPhone app,they offer servers in three locations.Sure, it’s free, andalso, I can’t complain.

But to compare this to the top premium market leaders,well, the difference is significant.Anyway, I also found that the Atlas VPN free app fully support the Wire Guard tunneling protocol. WireGuard not only boosts the speed of this best free VPN for iPhone pick but also comes with advanced encryption, yep, ChaCha20.Plus they have an effective kill switch.

Proton VPN

  • So thanks to this feature,if your VPN connection drops,none of your data will get leaked.It’s pretty nifty.But hey, it’s not like streaming works anyway.So yeah, a free VPN is not exactly a long-term solution.You’re gonna notice the limitations very quickly.
  • But Atlas isn’t the only free iPhone VPN 2022 choice.Let’s have a look at the Proton VPN free version. Proton earns points for being open source.
  • That means developers or anyone with a bit of knowledge can look through it and point out any vulnerabilities.It also doesn’t have a data cap,which is the main difference between Proton and Atlas.But these best free VPNs are still relatively similar.
  • I found servers in three different locations and with a variety of tunneling protocols with WireGuard being among them.
  • But I do have to mention that when I tested them out, Proton’s speeds weren’t as great.It might be due to the high server load,so keep that in mind.So yeah, Proton might be among the best free VPNfor iPhone picks,but I’m still riddled with limitations.

The best free VPN for iPhone 2022

I wasn’t able to access many features without upgrading,streaming didn’t work well,and the slow speeds got a little bit annoying.Okay, so now my question is,is it worth upgrading for any of these apps?Well, sure, these two are the best free VPN for iPhone 2022 options,but as their premium counterparts,well, they aren’t really the best options on the market.

If you’re looking for a good premium iPhone VPN,there are some better options out there.I’ll leave some great deals for those in the description below so you could save some money.But let’s compare them first, shall we?Okay, now I can’t go into too much detail here,but for a more comprehensive review,you can check out our Best VPN 2022 video.

But I have two main reasons why I usually use Surfshark and NordVPN on my iPhone instead of Atlas and Proton.First, server options and performance.Atlas has just about 750 servers,and Proton has about 1,800.

And sure, that’s a solid amount of options,but in this case, bigger is better.More servers mean that the server loads won’t be as high and the closest servers to you won’t be countries away.

Atlas VPN

  1. All of that combines for better VPN performance. And that’s one of the biggest reasons why North and Surf Shark mobile app versions consistently top the VPN speed charts since they’re coming in with about 5,600and 3,200 servers, respectively.
  2. And I love me some great speeds. So there you go.Now the second reason is value.Atlas VPN isn’t the most feature-packed solution. So in that sense, it’s great for beginners.Considering the fact that it also allows unlimited simultaneous connections and goes around $2 a month,it’s a solid budget-friendly option.
  3. On the other hand,Proton VPN is kind of opposite in both ways.It’s packed with features from stufflike Tor over VPN for extra privacy and even a VPN Acceleratorfor greater speeds.But the cheapest plan currently goes for $5 a month.And year, that’s quite the price jump.
  4. So since Surfshark and NordVPN for iPhone can both matchProton in speed and features,well, I tend to lean towards them,especially since the prices are quite a bit lower.Those are two of my main reasons,but there’s actually one more.Would anyone love to stream some foreign Netflix libraries?Hmm, any of you? Yeah.


Okay, I thought all of you might.So I spent months testing,and I simply had to have better luck with Nord and Surfshark when trying to access foreign libraries.

They opened 15 and 28 foreign libraries, respectively.And that’s plenty to satisfy my streaming needs.Okay, sure, Atlas and Proton can open the mainstreaming sites,but they seem to struggle quite a bit more.And I get Netflix errors a lot more often.

So yeah, overall, it’s a bit of a headache to choose a proper premium option,but that’s why you have our channel, right?Like and subscribe and spend some time there because we have plenty of reviews and comparisons for all kinds of cybersecurity tools.

All right, with that said,I think the answer to, what is the best free VPN, is simple, actually.You got two great options to choose from.

So free or premium,now what’s your choice?Well, let me know in the comments.And as always, for some special VPN deals,check out that box.And well, that’s it,I’ll see you guys in the next one.