Best Blogger Movies Templates And Themes For 2022

Best Blogger Movies Templates And Themes For 2022

Hey Guys, how are you all, so today I will tell you how you can create a Movies website, that too in Blogger for free, I go to my test board, sugar, this is the first of all you have to write all the posts. Wherever you want to copy paste, you can do it, there is no fund in it.

How to write movies post | So how to write a movie post??

Best Blogger Movies Templates And Themes For 2022

So I will tell you step by step how to write a movie post. So there is no need to worry about the cow sir, I have already backed it up, so import the justice of your blog post, ok by going to your setting, then the cow will not have to work too hard.

How to upload movies theme | So how to upload its theme

So guess you don’t need to worry, I am giving you a free movie in Premium Theme, then you have to go to the HTML editor and edit it and copy and paste it there, you just ok then you have to add my Will not need OK. Its theme is very premium, I will tell you the setting of it, step by step OK, if I talk about whose team it loads fast, absolutely OK.

How to create a movie logo for bloggers ?

So friends, you can create its logo online, it is okay, I will give the link description, from there you can go and create people for free which I have put on my website. If you use logo on your website then it is very good Looks look Blogger logo create

How to Download Movie Themes for Bloggers ?

So now let’s come to the main issue, how to download the file, ok then in 22 I will give its link below and download it from there and I will google drive the link which I am giving, ok then any problem you will not have any problem. So go and download it from there, OK, then I have given you all the files.

So man some people will comment that I did not get the file, brother, then go to the first link and see it right man

How to create menu bar | menu bar movie website

And making a menu bar is very easy. So I have explained in the video how to make a menu bar with the help of a short video. And friends, you will do the rest of the setting, I know.

How to Get traffic for your blog | movie website

I hope I have covered the whole topic in this video so in the next video I will tell you how you can bring traffic to your website for free. Even for free, I will tell you in the next video how you can bring traffic to your website by voice. And how will you earn from this website, brother sorry, I am bringing the part, now in the next video, wait till it is okay.

How to earn Money From Movies website

So guys, making a movie website is very easy and you can do well with it even if it can earn you $5 and $50 per day.

How to Download movies template free

So friends come to the main point of how to download this google drive link file in description so that you have to download now. You must have learned to make movie sites, friends and you will also learn to earn money.

how to move your WordPress website into another hosting

Hi, hello, this is sid. Welcome to made on screen Today we are going to explain how to move your WordPress website into another host. So this is the website.

  • This is like running a website we’re running the current website, right? Ok, this is the running website, so I’m going to login intoWP adminEnter username and password dashboard, go to plugins and add new ones.
  • So this is duplicator wordpress migration Plugin so installedSo go to Duplicator dashboardAnd create newNextIt will scan your entire websiteIt will Scan Your Full Website ContentIf there is any issue you can solve hereIf you have any large file you can skip those files here. So now there is no problem Good. 
  • So just Click BuildThey’re  two files one is installed other one is Archive zip download the Installer and ArchiveSave it in a location Have installed IDM.
  • so this will download using IDM if it is not in your browserIt will download like this same OkayYes, now what we have two filesThis is the zip backup  fileThis one is installer PHP.This is it. We have finished Backup Old Server.

You Have to Charge Your New Hosting Name Service for Your Domain.So you have to go to the new hosting cPanel link and to enter your username for new HostUsername and password Okay.

this is new hosting cPanel. their domain section. So you have to add your website here using Addon Domain So enter your like that if anything.

so it will not automatically refill,Filled up so I had prasada I have already added these domains. Okay. So next you have to go to a homeWho you have added your domain name using add-on domain.

So now go to file managerUnder file sectionGo to public HTML Select our website folder. So this is my website now click upload Select filesLoad zip fileAlso select installer PHP.

The green green both files uploaded so I do reloadNow we have two files one is installed another one is C fileGo to a new tab into a website  Dashboard, so I have her to accept terms. 

You notice nextHere is a database section, you have to create a new database to replace old one Find  Mysql under database. So what amCreate Mysql usernameThis is the database name, okay. 

We have to create a database Username next  We have to keep their password somewhere elseCreatedYou have to combine the user and databases together.

  1. They now click AddCheck all privileges,  make changesYou have to copy the both nameAnd paste into notepadThis is  database password. 
  2. So go to duplicate it on your new siteEnter these detailsDatabase enter the database the password test database so success so next It asks replacement. 
  3. click yesNext you can change your path but make it a default. So this is the website titleThe you are and press nextLet’s see you have successfully finished Your Website MigrationThe same username and the same password here, okay, 
  4. It will apply automatically. You have to remove the installation files now. 

Now go to bed, install the plug-in that isĀ  the duplicated and deactivate Good. This is a new hosting platform and you were all running an already created websiteWere migrated website our new host, okay?That’s it. Thanks for reading. Thank you

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