5 Best Helpful Websites and Apps for College Project 2022

Hey I sid, now Count how many times a day you check your phone and tell me,wouldn’t it be great to make your college life easier just by simply using your phone?5 Best Helpful Websites and Apps for College Project 2022.


Do you need a website to make citations faster or do you want an app to keep you focused and relaxed? What about an app to help you do your homework or keep your whole life organized? Although your phone can be a distraction,if not used responsibly, using a computer or smartphone to make your college life easier is something many students wish they knew how to do.

Whether you’re just starting college this year or a nontraditional student returning for round two or maybe even three,we created the list of the seven best apps and websites for college students in 2021.Our clients and consultants use these digital tools to make the college journey feel effortless.

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Number 1

This website is one of the Gradehacker’s favorite.Course Here can be a lifesaver when you’re looking for inspiration to write your own original content,or if you just want to make sure that you’re on the right track following the details of your assignment.

Since this platform allows you to share documents, you may have access to essays,discussions and reports made by other students who have taken the same class as you.

There’s also the 24/7 Ask a Tutor feature where you can ask an expert a question in any subject area and you’ll get an email with the answer in less than 15 minutes.Course Hero is available on all browsers as well as iPhone and Android.Although you can use this website for free, you can get more out of itif you pay for the subscription.

Now, if you want to check out an honest,in-depth review of the benefits and costs of Course Hero, refer back to our blog post.I’m going to leave the link in the description below.

Number 2

Now number two,Grammarly.Running a long extended essay can make you feel like you don’t even know what to say anymore.

You’ll also probably question whether the spelling and grammar are correct instead of being anxious about whether your paper is good enough to be turned in. Now by installing Grammarly on your browser, you can have this program checkout any misspelled words on your document.

They also have a plagiarism checker, that’s going to determine what percentage of your paper resembles others.Now, some students may think one conof Grammarly is that it’s having to pay the subscription of $19.98 a month.

But we believe it’s well worth the price.You’re going to get the ability to check an unlimited amount of words,advice on how to make your text soundbetter and suggestions to make sure your essay needs meet all the requirements.This app and website are also available on Android and Apple browsers.

Number three is Chegg.So you’re in the middle of studying or doing your homework and you’re stuck.You don’t know what to do.

Number 3

So you ask your friends and you simply find out they’re just as lost as you.If you find yourself in this situation,simply go and ask Chegg for help.Chegg is a website where you can ask an expert the questions that are driving you insane, either through audio or video chat or photo.They’re going to be able to help you solve any doubts as soon as possible by finally understanding what’s in your textbook for the assignment.

This is the perfect app if you’re feeling stuck on an assignment and need help to resolve it.Another cool thing about the website is that you can rent textbooks without having to spend hundreds of dollars on each textbook.

They also have a plagiarism checker,study prep platform and other features to make your assignments and study time easier.You can use a free account,but to access all the features,such as asking a tutor, you have to pay $19.95 per month.

Before we continue, go ahead and like this video and subscribe to our channel to keep up with all our college student resource videos.Now for number four Flipd.Have you ever been in the middle of doing school work?But you can’t seem to put your phone down.You keep sending those funny memes to your friends.

Number 4

And when you look at the time,you notice that it’s been an hour,you can either hide your phone in the freezer or you can install Flip.This app is really interesting because you can log your devices for an hour,days or any specified amount of time.If you absolutely have to check your phone and see what’s going on, you can unlock your phone before the time is up.

But you should know that this app will low key be judging you for giving up.Flipd does offer a free version,but if you want to use all of its functionality, you’ll have to pay 99 cents a month or $5.99 for an annual subscription.

Some people may find this app too judgey or are not ready for this tough-love approach.Yet this may be the best solution for phone addicts which some of us are and need discipline in their lives.Number five, Citation Machine. Citations Can be a real hassle when writing an essay.There Are so many rules to keep up with and since formatting,tends to be a large part of the grading rubric, you’ll want to make sure you do this correctly.

Number 5

Now, you don’t have to worry about that anymore since you can just go to the citation machine website,you’re just going to use a search bar option to type your source’s titles.It doesn’t matter if it’s a journal,website, book, or anything else.Citation machine will find the title for you based on your need.

It can be an MLA, APA, Chicago,you name the format,it’s there!This website makes it so easy you’ll only have to copy and paste the results onto your reference page.You may have to watch a video ad to earn48 hour access to this website,but if you don’t want to do this,you can pay $9.95 a month to have unlimited access to however many citations you want to create without any ads.

This app is amazing since it’s all in one workspace where you can plan and get organized not only with school but with your life.You can use it to take notes, manage projects or even create a grocery list.It’s almost like your own personal assistant.

You can even add people to each project so you can use it to collaborate with any school projects or if you have other things in your life to keep track of,this is the perfect app to do so.There’s a free personal use version.

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