1Password vs Proton Pass | Which is better ?

Hey everyone today we discuss about the proton company responsible for proton male and proton VPN recently introduced its newest product proton pass.

1Password vs Proton Pass Comapring

  • It rival the current industry leaders? What’s a better way to find out than comparing 1password versus proton pass in daily usage and security now folks multiple times during this video.
  • I came to the same conclusion proton passes currently lacking in some areas naturally comparing a manager who has been on the market for over 15 years and a newcomer like proton passes well sort of difficult proton pass is new and will surely improve but they also ask for money so I’m going to judge it as a premium tool.
  • all gloves are off alright so the first big thing in my proton pass password manager comparison is that this is an open source password manager this means that the code for proton pass is subject to the scrutiny of all users and specialists in theory giving much stronger overall security and more frequent updates in real life.
  • I don’t know I mean it’s not like non-openSource managers or dropping like flies just look at one password 2023 because after more than 15 years in the market it still has a great reputation and hasn’t suffered any breaches or hacks don’t get me wrong proton is also known for having a good reputation as well as strong security and privacy.
  • It just not in the password manager sphere looking into technical details both managers utilise end-to-end encryption using industry-leading ciphers that nearly every top password manager uses nowadays what was more of a pleasant surprise is that both providers are independently audited and well seem to be quite proud of that proton pass despite being this young has already undergone one cure 53 security audit.
  • On the other hand, one password has a whole web page dedicated to all their independent audits including their app for Windows and Mac quite impressively and both managers operate on a zero knowledge policy with some extra security steps to ensure only you can see your info.

Privacy and security

  1. so overall both providers are pretty equal in terms of privacy and security so a good start for proton pass before we move on in the proton pass versus one password comparison don’t forget to like this video and subscribe to stay updated on any further one password review or proton pass review alright moving on both proton pass an done password use vaults just like 1password proton pass allows you to store various info and specific vaults.
  2. personally vaults always help me stay organised and easily share passwords with colleagues but proton pass lacks the sharing part of vaults. In fact there’s currently no secure way to share anything with proton pass there are very few customization options or settings you can change in general and yes proton pass will improve.
  3. And add all of these features down the line but you’ll have to wait until those updates come if I’m already using proton packages like mail or VPN then okay sure but one password allows sharing individual elements or vaults with anybody even outside 1passwords network.

so proton pass now feels like a bit of a inferior product new look proton isn’t some new small company in the market so Pro proton pass comes with all the bells and whistles you’d expect from a great password manager safe secure info or not auto-generate passwords or use Simple Autofill all of it works smoothly and quickly.

Testing proton pass

I haven’t experienced any lag when testing proton pass but the same can be said for one password as well both managers are great for simple daily use one is just obviously lacking in features alright well apart from the password generator that works nicely proton pass has one other feature to hide my email aliases.

It creates email aliases that I can use when signing up somewhere in turn not revealing my real email but also redirect emails I’ve Signed up for 1password comes with more unique features like travel mode with it I can specify certain vaults to be hidden.

1password offers a 14 day free trial

if I leave the country’s borders, sure it’s more of a business feature but Watchtower is for every user. It scans the web regularly and darks for any leaks of my data if one password finds anything and informs me immediately.

so I can act quickly so what user would I recommend proton pass currently for those that only need a simple password manager? It does the basic things well but lacks any extras that one password can offer alright.

Now before we talk about money, can you try these managers for yourself, yep both the proton pass and one password come with some sort of free options. 1password offers a 14 day free trial to test out anything that you want proton pass is actually more generous here offering a free plan with unlimited password storage.

Premium plan and one unlimited

These options are great for testing the waters out before buying but they’re quite limiting to be a long-term solution.

Proton pass offers one standard Premium plan and one unlimited option.

However note that this unlimited plan doesn’t give you any benefits for proton pass itself, it’s just a subscription to all proton services, so we can just say there is one proton pass plan, in contrast asking one password offers plans for individuals, families and businesses.